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Your Voice at City Hall
Your Voice at City Hall (June 1985)
Peggy Heilig - Author
Robert J. Mundt - Author

Your Voice at City Hall answers a major question of urban politics and government: “What difference does it make if city councils are elected at-large or by geographically defined districts or wards?”

During the past fifteen years, numerous American cities, particularly those in the South and Southwest, have witnessed efforts to replace at-large councils with district systems. Prior studies have rep...(Read More)
Revitalizing America's Cities
Revitalizing America's Cities (June 1984)
Neighborhood Reinvestment and Displacement
Michael H. Schill - Author
Richard P. Nathan - Author

In many American cities, middle and upper income people are moving into neighborhoods that had previously suffered disinvestment and decay. The new residents renovate housing, stimulate business, and contribute to the tax base. These benefits of neighborhood revitalization are, in some cases, achieved at a potentially serious cost: the displacement of existing neighborhood residents by eviction, condominium conversion, or as a result of rent incr...(Read More)
Shutdown at Youngstown
Shutdown at Youngstown (June 1983)
Public Policy for Mass Unemployment
Terry F. Buss - Author
F. Stevens Redburn - Author

In spite of the gravity of the problem of mass unemployment and its periodic recurrence in industrial societies, few scientific studies have been undertaken which serve to define the impact of plant closings on workers, families, and the community; to evaluate individual group, or community responses to closings; and to offer suggestions for the future.

Shutdown at Youngstown meets this need. It pres...(Read More)
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