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Revolution at the Grassroots
Revolution at the Grassroots (July 1989)
Community Organizations in the Portugese Revolution
Charles Downs - Author

"Downs' book is good both for its theoretical and its descriptive qualities. It is absorbing reading." -- Pierre Clavel

The book outlines the history of the revolutionary process at the national level and as it was experienced in one major Portuguese city. While generally little known, the achievements of grassroots organizations in Portugal far exceeded those of other developed countries, and their examination provides insights, poses impo...(Read More)
The Politics of Capital Investment
The Politics of Capital Investment (November 1988)
The Case of Philadelphia
Carolyn T. Adams - Author

This book examines both the politics and products of the public investment process in one of America's largest cities. It broadens the scope of contemporary debates on the political economy of urban development to include not only large-scale redevelopment projects, but also neighborhood facilities such as schools, parks, and libraries. Showing the share of investments that went into Philadelphia's downtown versus its residential neighborhoods from ...(Read More)
Business Elites and Urban Development
Business Elites and Urban Development (April 1988)
Case Studies and Critical Perspectives
Scott Cummings - Editor

Written in a non-technical, narrative style, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with current trends in urban development. During the Reagan era, responsibility for urban planning and development was transferred from government to private business. This private sector hegemony over urban development differs markedly from the liberal policy initiatives of the 1960s and 1970s. Through a series of case studies, this book examines t...(Read More)
Neighborhood Upgrading
Neighborhood Upgrading (October 1986)
A Realistic Assessment
David P. Varady - Author

Neighborhood Upgrading examines the effectiveness of government-subsidized housing rehabilitation programs in reversing patterns of neighborhood decline. Varady takes a realistic look at the dilemma facing policy planners attempting to effect changes on a local level. His is the first study to assess the impact of neighborhood ethnic and social class changes on mobility and investment decisions.

There has been little empirical research...(Read More)
Perspectives on Management Capacity Building
Perspectives on Management Capacity Building (January 1986)
Beth W. Honadle - Editor
Arnold M. Howitt - Editor

Perspectives on Management Capacity Building provides a lively spectrum of views on the problems and prospects of improving the management and performance of municipal governments in the United States. Leading specialists in public administration probe the management needs of local governments and explore ways in which they can improve their capacity to manage. Today, state and local governments are caught in the transition between the expa...(Read More)
The Federal Government and Urban Housing
The Federal Government and Urban Housing (November 1985)
Ideology and Change in Public Policy
R. Allen Hays - Author

The Federal Government and Urban Housing provides a comprehensive overview of federal housing and community development policy during the last fifty years, with special emphasis on the crucial decade of the 1970s. It relates housing policy developments to broad ideological and political changes that have taken place in the U. S. during this period.

R. Allen Hays covers virtually every major program that has att...(Read More)
Contracting Out for Human Services
Contracting Out for Human Services (June 1985)
Economic, Political, and Organizational Perspectives
Ruth H. De Hoog - Author

Contracting out for services has become a popular technique in government's perennial quest to cut spending. Yet seldom has the practice been examined from any but the public choice approach. This book explores contracting out in the important area of human services, covering the critical conditions of contracting and the vital points of politics, procedures, service quality, and effectiveness.

In doing so, DeHoog uses three theoretical per...(Read More)
Gentrification, Displacement, and Neighborhood Revitalization
Gentrification, Displacement, and Neighborhood Revitalization (June 1985)
J. John Palen - Editor
Bruce London - Editor

Bringing an empirical, objective approach to a topic that has often been the source of emotional and uninformed controversy, Gentrification, Displacement and Neighborhood Revitalization provides an introduction to major issues in urban revitalization, new research findings, and a discussion of theoretical perspectives.

This is the first broad-based survey of a scattered literature that has not been readily accessible. The book's compr...(Read More)
Housing and Urban Development in the USSR
Housing and Urban Development in the USSR (June 1985)
Gregory D. Andrusz - Author

This study of housing and the urban environment in a socialist society sheds light on the discrepancy between plan and reality. It investigates the sources and consequences of the problem and shows how the U.S.S.R. has attempted to find solutions.

Following a general background and overview section, the book deals with the construction, control, and use of buildings in Soviet cities. It then investigates the types of housing considered to be...(Read More)
Ideology and the Urban Crisis
Ideology and the Urban Crisis (June 1985)
Peter J. Steinberger - Author

Ideology and the Urban Crisis explores the philosophical underpinnings of the contemporary debate surrounding the urban crisis. It examines three major ideologies of American city politics by uncovering and analyzing the philosophical presuppositions of each as derived from the history of political thought. The book also explores writings influenced by the Marxist/radical paradigm, examines the revival of classical approaches to the city, a...(Read More)
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