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The Stanzas on Vibration
The Stanzas on Vibration (October 1992)
The SpandaKarika with Four Commentaries: The SpandaSamdoha by Ksemaraja, The SpandaVrtti by Kallatabhatta, The SpandaVivrti by Rajanaka Rama, The SpandaPradipika by Bhagavadutpala
Mark S. G. Dyczkowski - Translation and introduction by

“This is a wonderful continuation of his previous work, The Doctrine of Vibration. Through this book, general readers can go to the original sources.” — Rajmani Tigunait

In his Doctrine of Vibration, the author presents a synthesis of Kashmir Shaivism—an overview with Spanda as the central theme. Spanda is the vibratory dynamism of the absolute consciousness. In this book the author focuse...(Read More)
Vac (October 1990)
The Concept of the Word in Selected Hindu Tantras
Andre Padoux - Author
Jacques Gontier - Translator

This book is about the power of the Word conceived as the main and most effective aspect of divine energy. It is the only systematic study in English of notions concerning the Word (Vac) as these are expounded in the shaiva tantras of Kashmir and in related texts.

Padoux first describes the Vedic origins of these notions, then their development in texts of different tantric traditions. He shows how different levels of the Word abide in huma...(Read More)
The Triadic Heart of Siva
The Triadic Heart of Siva (December 1988)
Kaula Tantricism of Abhinavagupta in the Non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir
Paul E. Muller-Ortega - Author

This book explores one of the most explicit and sophisticated theoretical formulations of tantric yoga. It explains Abhinavagupta's teaching about the nature of ultimate reality, about the methods for experiencing this ultimate reality, and about the nature of the state of realization, a condition of embodied enlightenment. The author uncovers the conceptual matrix surrounding the practices of the Kaula lineage of Kashmir Shaivism.

The pr...(Read More)
Kundalini (November 1988)
The Energy of the Depths
Lilian Silburn - Author
Jacques Gontier - Translator

Kundalini's power lies dormant in humans until it is awakened. The awakened Kundalini expresses the primal divine impulse and ultimately joins the individual with the divine. The development of the book parallels the development of the Kundalini within. Part One exposes the awakening and unfolding of the Kundalini; Part Two describes the piercing of the energy centers and the stages of ascent through the body; and Part Three examines Kundalini's rel...(Read More)
The Canon of the Saivagama and the Kubjika
The Canon of the Saivagama and the Kubjika (November 1987)
Tantras of the Western Kaula Tradition
Mark S. G. Dyczkowski - Author

This book serves as an introductory study of Tantric Saivism in its original scriptural sources. It traces the features and content of the canon of the SAaiva Tantras, making use of many unpublished manuscripts from Kashmiri Saiva authors.

The book is also an introduction to the literature of the Kubjikamata. As Kundalini, Kubjika is worshipped as the Goddess who is curled up and sleeping, waiting to be awakened. The author explores her pla...(Read More)
The Doctrine of Vibration
The Doctrine of Vibration (November 1987)
An Analysis of the Doctrines and Practices Associated with Kashmir Shaivism
Mark S. G. Dyczkowski - Author

Cutting across distinctions of schools and types, the author explains the central feature of Kashmir Shaivism: the creative pulse of the all pervasive Consciousness called SAiva. This is also the central theme of the Hindu Tantras, and Dyczkowski provides new insight into the most literate and extensive interpretations of the Tantras.

"This is a serious, scholarly and personally committed approach to a highly significant topic. It makes ac...(Read More)
Shaiva Devotional Songs of Kashmir
Shaiva Devotional Songs of Kashmir (July 1987)
A Translation and Study of Utpaladeva's Shivastotravali
Constantina Rhodes - Author

Utpaladeva was considered a siddha, a "perfected being," one of the masters of the tantric tradition in Kashmir, and he is best known for his philosophical treatises. The Shivastotravali reflects Utpaladeva's philosophy, known as the Pratyabhijna school. And yet it is unique among the author's works in its not being a straightforward philosophical treatise but instead, as Dr. Bailly points out in her introduction, more of a spiritual...(Read More)
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