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Ideology and False Consciousness
Ideology and False Consciousness (July 1993)
Marx and His Historical Progenitors
Christopher L. Pines - Author

In this book Christopher Pines demonstrates that Karl Marx conceived of ideology as false consciousness. He shows how the different meanings of false consciousness found in the writings of Marx and Engels reflect the influence of the views of the Baconian-French Enlightenment and of Hegelian Feuerbachian philosophies. Pines argues that, for Marx, the diverse senses of false consciousness all generally denote a social consciousness that takes certa...(Read More)
Interpretation and Explanation in the Human Sciences
Interpretation and Explanation in the Human Sciences (July 1993)
David K. Henderson - Author

"This book promises to make an extremely important contribution in breaking a major logjam in the philosophy of social science and interpretation generally. It integrates a wealth of related philosophical literature and draws upon, and applies itself to, scientific material in an effective way." -- Robert Feleppa, Wichita State University

"This book is the first tohich I know to attempt a comprehensive assessment of Davidson's philosophy for...(Read More)
Critical Reasoning in Contemporary Culture
Critical Reasoning in Contemporary Culture (January 1993)
Richard A. Talaska - Editor

Here we have, for the first time in a single volume, diverse perspectives on the meaning, conditions, and goals of critical reasoning in contemporary culture. Part One emphasizes critical reasoning and education, engaging the debate over the connection between critical reasoning skills and the learning of the content.
Part Two offers analyses of the theoretical, methodological, and historical debates concerning critical reasoning abilities. The...(Read More)
Psychology and Nihilism
Psychology and Nihilism (December 1992)
A Genealogical Critique of the Computational Model of Mind
Fred Evans - Author

"Evans' most brilliant stroke consists of demonstrating that cognitive psychology must presuppose the very sorts of things which it presumes it can do without, e.g., tacit understanding and an intimate relation to the life-world. Moreover, Evans suggests that a more positive and productive model of psychology can be devised if attention is paid to the idea of a 'transfigurative rationality' which underlies and surpasses the 'technocratic rationalit...(Read More)
Habermas's Critical Theory of Society
Habermas's Critical Theory of Society (September 1991)
Jane Braaten - Author

This book provides an understanding of the content and aims of Habermas's critical theory of society -- the theory that analyzes the causes of our cultural lack of direction, polical apathy, and the increasing complexity of modern society. The author offers a foothold on the current debates regarding the credibility and cogency of the theory.

Braaten presents Habermas's defense of his critique of reason in his most recent work concerning th...(Read More)
Philosophy, Social Theory, and the Thought of George Herbert Mead
Philosophy, Social Theory, and the Thought of George Herbert Mead (January 1991)
Mitchell Aboulafia - Editor

"Mead is arguably the greatest neglected American philosopher. In many respects, he ranks with Peirce, James, and Dewey, and in at least one respect beyond them: he is the preeminent theorist of self-other relations after Hegel. Now that this topic has finally made it onto the philosophical agenda, and now that Mead's interdisciplinary approach to it has become an incentive rather than an impediment, the time has come for a serious reception of h...(Read More)
Video Icons & Values
Video Icons & Values (January 1991)
Alan M. Olson - Editor
Christopher Parr - Editor
Debra Parr - Editor

This book focuses on the most powerful agency of value formation in our time -- the video image as purveyed through television and mass media. Special attention is given to the impact of television on education and the challenges of instructing a generation of children who have never know a time BT, that is, "before television."

Both the negative and the positive implications and consequences of video technology are discussed in the b...(Read More)
Social Sensitivity
Social Sensitivity (September 1990)
A Study of Habit and Experience
James M. Ostrow - Author

"The originality of this work springs from Ostrow's solid grasp and critical extension of the ideas of key figures in the phenomenological and sociological traditions. As a result, the proposed theory of habitual sensitivity is creative, novel, and well-grounded. This work makes an important contribution to the growing interest in interpretive approaches to social science inquiry"-- David Rehorick, Department of Sociology, University of New Brunsw...(Read More)
The AIDS Notebooks
The AIDS Notebooks (July 1990)
Stephen Schecter - Author

"Stephen Schecter has written a powerful account of the AIDS epidemic. The AIDS Notebooks brings together history, AIDS information, and humanistic perspectives for the reader. His writing style is vivid, realistic, and engaging. This book is mandatory reading for all of us concerned about this epidemic." -- A. Gene Copello, Vanderbilt AIDS Project

This book reflects on the meaning of contemporary life in the light of diverse social...(Read More)
The Logic of Marx's Capital
The Logic of Marx's Capital (July 1990)
Replies to Hegelian Criticisms
Tony Smith - Author

"Tony Smith has now written a book that conclusively demonstrates that Marx's commitment to Hegelian dialectic is much more thoroughgoing, fundamental, and central to Marx's thought than anyone had previously seen. He has done a brilliant job in demonstrating the Hegelian dialectical logic that structures Capital. No one had ever worked this out in such detail, with such rigor, and with such convincing arguments. This is thus a scho...(Read More)
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