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Ecstatic Subjects, Utopia, and Recognition
Ecstatic Subjects, Utopia, and Recognition (July 1998)
Kristeva, Heidegger, Irigaray
Patricia J. Huntington - Author

Interweaves elements of Kristevan and Heideggerian thought in order to reconstruct a linguistically embedded, existentially and affectively rich, dialectical model of willed self-regulation.

“Huntington’s book is, in part, an effort to offer a philosophy that can make way for social change … Huntington’s book provides a compelling argument that feminists would do well to ally with certain aspec...(Read More)

Speech and Political Practice
Speech and Political Practice (February 1998)
Recovering the Place of Human Responsibility
Murray Jardine - Author

Argues that rebuilding ethical communities will require a cultural reorientation from visually dominated to oral/aural experience and develops a speech-based conception of moral place that can set limits on the actions of individuals and communities.

"Written with verve and clarity, Jardine's book deals with and untangles an important, indeed pressing, set of tangled issues. It is a lucid and able attempt, against the po...(Read More)
Memory, Identity, Community
Memory, Identity, Community (April 1997)
The Idea of Narrative in the Human Sciences
Lewis P. Hinchman - Editor
Sandra K. Hinchman - Editor

This multidisciplinary volume documents the resurrection of the importance of narrative to the study of individuals and groups and argues that narrative may become a lingua franca of future debates in the human sciences.

The topic of narrative is as significant as the editors claim in their Introduction. It is becoming central to various social science fields, particularly for scholars who want to challeng...(Read More)
Mapping Reality
Mapping Reality (February 1997)
An Evolutionary Realist Methodology for the Natural and Social Sciences
Jane Azevedo - Author

Using the insights of evolutionary epistemology, the author develops a new naturalist realist methodology of science, and applies it to the conceptual, practical, and ethical problems of the social sciences.

With postmodernism and postructuralism sweeping the social sciences and humanities, a whole generation of students from disciplines as diverse as history, English literature, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology ...(Read More)
The Magic Mirror
The Magic Mirror (October 1996)
Myth's Abiding Power
Elizabeth M. Baeten - Author

Analyzes the theories of myth of Cassirer, Barthes, Eliade, and Hillman and offers an alternative original account of myth-making as an essential strand of cultural production.
"This is first-rate scholarship. What I like most about the book is its philosophical thesis and argument. The thesis is that myth is to be understood by a patchwork of theories about myth, like a quilt. The argument is an extensive analysis of Ernst Cassirer's the...(Read More)
Hegel's Dialectic of Desire and Recognition
Hegel's Dialectic of Desire and Recognition (February 1996)
Texts and Commentary
John O'Neill - Editor

Presents three generations of German, French, and Anglo-American thinking on the Hegelian narrative of desire, recognition, and alienation in life, labor, and language.

This book presents three generations of German, French, and Anglo-American thinking on the Hegelian narrative of desire, recognition, and alienation in life, labor, and language—a narrative that has been subject to extensive ...(Read More)
Marx, Hayek, and Utopia
Marx, Hayek, and Utopia (August 1995)
Chris Matthew Sciabarra - Author

Develops a critique of utopianism through a comparison of the works of Karl Marx and F. A. Hayek, challenging conventional views of both Marxian and Hayekian thought.

This book develops a critique of utopianism through a provocative comparison of the works of Karl Marx and F. A. Hayek, thus engaging two vastly different traditions in critical dialogue. By emphasizing the methodological and substantive similarities betwee...(Read More)
Rethinking Knowledge
Rethinking Knowledge (February 1995)
Reflections Across the Disciplines
Robert F. Goodman - Editor
Walter R. Fisher - Editor

This is an exploration of modernism and postmodernism in regard to knowledge: methods of inquiry, operations of the mind, the role of values, conceptions of self, and the problematic of reason.

"This book addresses a set of epistemic developments important throughout the academy. The range of contributors is excellent, and their collective prestige will attract more than a few readers all by itself. A further advantage...(Read More)
Recovering Pragmatism's Voice
Recovering Pragmatism's Voice (December 1994)
The Classical Tradition, Rorty, and the Philosophy of Communication
Lenore Langsdorf - Editor
Andrew R. Smith - Editor

"This collection supplies us with a nicely balanced set of perspectives--neither dismissive nor adulatory. In the crush of contemporaneity, it's good to have the historical framework reconstructed. And the emphasis on communication creates valuable insight." -- Bruce Wilshire, Rutgers University

This book focuses on what pragmatism tells us about the nature and function of communication. Its goals are to recover a singular voice of pragmatism...(Read More)
Critique, Action, and Liberation
Critique, Action, and Liberation (December 1994)
James L. Marsh - Author

"This is a comprehensive, articulate, and readable account of the major controversies that presently divide two major groups of contemporary continentalist philosophers, critical theory and postmodernism. It argues clearly, uncompromisingly, and pointedly for a version of Habermasianism. This is a substantive scholarly and philosophical achievement that represents a major statement of critical theory--its prospects and possibilities--from a major ...(Read More)
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