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The State, Society, and Limited Nuclear War
The State, Society, and Limited Nuclear War (February 1995)
Eric Mlyn - Author

This is an examination of the extent to which nuclear weapons policy has been democratically controlled, showing that a policy elite insulated from society eventually lost its autonomy.

This book highlights the role that domestic politics has played in the evolution of U.S. nuclear weapons policy up to the present. Mlyn focuses on the relationship among the three levels of this policy: public statements, force posture, and nuclear tar...(Read More)
Power Over Rationality
Power Over Rationality (February 1993)
The Bush Administration and the Gulf Crisis
Alex R. Hybel - Author

To most Americans, the Gulf War symbolizes the culmination of a highly sophisticated decision-making process within the Bush administration. In this highly readable and challenging book, Hybel demonstrates the shortcomings of such a view by using cognitive models to examine how the administration defined problems, identified goals, assessed alternatives, and selected options during the seven months preceding the start of the war.

This book ...(Read More)
The Strategic Defense Initiative
The Strategic Defense Initiative (November 1992)
Symbolic Containment of the Nuclear Threat
Rebecca S. Bjork - Author

“This book is extremely interesting to read. The author seeks to answer the question, 'What is it about foreign policy as such that constrains public debate?' I view this as a subject of critical significance in a democracy, a topic which the author explores with intelligence and imagination. This issue is both important in itself and central to the field of American foreign policy.” — Henry T. Nash, Wheaton College

<...(Read More)
Political Culture and Foreign Policy in Latin America
Political Culture and Foreign Policy in Latin America (October 1991)
Case Studies from the Circum-Caribbean
Roland H. Ebel - Author
Raymond C. Taras - Author
James D. Cochrane - Author

"This is a well-written, comprehensive analysis of political culture and its impact on foreign policy. It's a welcome addition to the work being done on national belief systems, values, attitudes, and traditions and their impact on foreign policy-making processes. This book is what social science research is all about -- presentation and confirmation of useful middle-range theories. It is a good, solid piece of research that covers an important t...(Read More)
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