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Spirits of Resistance and Capitalist Discipline, Second Edition
Spirits of Resistance and Capitalist Discipline, Second Edition (September 2010)
Factory Women in Malaysia
Aihwa Ong - Author
Carla Freeman - Introduction

New edition of the classic ethnographic study of Malay women factory workers.

In the two decades since its original publication, Spirits of Resistance and Capitalist Discipline has become a classic in the fields of anthropology, labor, gender and globalization studies. Based on intensive fieldwork, the book captures a moment of profound transformation for rural Muslim women even as their labor helped laun...(Read More)
Subsidizing Capitalism
Subsidizing Capitalism (July 2005)
Brickmakers on the U.S.-Mexican Border
Tamar Diana Wilson - Author

Examines the economic activities of self-employed brickmakers and the unpaid family members and others who assist them in Mexico.

In Mexico, self-employed brickmakers support capitalist enterprise by providing bricks to build hotels, factories, office buildings, and shopping malls at costs lower than those based on profit-making principles. Combining Chayanovian and neo-Marxist approaches, Subsidizing Capitalism ...(Read More)
Workers and Narratives of Survival in Europe
Workers and Narratives of Survival in Europe (July 2004)
The Management of Precariousness at the End of the Twentieth Century
Angela Procoli - Editor

Chronicles the growing impact of job uncertainty on workers in Europe.

Workers and Narratives of Survival in Europe
explores the growing problem of job uncertainty in Europe at the end of the twentieth century. The management of professional precariousness is reconsidered against the backdrop of far-reaching social, economic, and political changes in Europe in recent decades, including: the instability of the traditional...(Read More)
In the Name of Harmony and Prosperity
In the Name of Harmony and Prosperity (May 2004)
Labor and Gender Politics in Taiwan's Economic Restructuring
Anru Lee - Author

Offers an analysis of the dynamics of Taiwan's export-oriented industrialization, particularly its impact on women and other workers.

Since the 1980s Taiwan has grown into a global manufacturing powerhouse, a model of success that has inspired emulation throughout the developing world. Yet at the very peak of this expansion, Taiwan began to feel squeezed by changes both domestically and internationally. In the Name o...(Read More)
Circle of Goods
Circle of Goods (January 2003)
Women, Work, and Welfare in a Reservation Community
Tressa Berman - Author

Studies how women in a reservation economy have creatively responded to federal policy.

Circle of Goods compiles the stories of Native American women and examines their kinship, wage work, and informal economies. Responding to the upheavals of reservation life brought about by federal policies—from commodity rations to welfare reform—Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara women, each with distinct histories and ...(Read More)
Brickyards to Graveyards
Brickyards to Graveyards (September 2002)
From Production to Genocide in Rwanda
Villia Jefremovas - Author

Explores how the conditions that shaped Rwanda's labor organization and industries also shaped Rwanda's genocide.

Brickyards to Graveyards examines how the overidealized picture of Rwanda as the darling of the world community in the 1980s was shattered amidst the genocide that occurred a decade later. The brick and tile industries of Rwanda provide a microcosm to examine the transformation of gender, class, and ...(Read More)
Contesting Agriculture
Contesting Agriculture (March 2002)
Cooperativism and Privatization in the New Eastern Germany
Hans C. Buechler - Author
Judith-Maria Buechler - Author

Examines the privatization of agriculture in eastern Germany since 1989.

This analysis of the privatization of agriculture in eastern Germany captures the turbulent times after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the subsequent reunification of the two Germanies. Based in large part on oral histories provided by cooperative managers, newly independent family farmers, and westerners who established farms in the east...(Read More)
Embroidering Lives
Embroidering Lives (March 1999)
Women's Work and Skill in the Lucknow Embroidery Industry
Clare M. Wilkinson-Weber - Author

This book offers insights into anthropology of work and women's studies.

Fusing aesthetic and economic analyses, Embroidering Lives investigates the lives and work of women in the chikan embroidery industry of Lucknow, India. Richly descriptive and accessibly written, the book explores many important issues in women's studies, anthropology, and urban development today--the impact of purdah (seclusion of women) upo...(Read More)
In the Wake of the Giant
In the Wake of the Giant (July 1998)
Multinational Restructuring and Uneven Development in a New England Community
Max H. Kirsch - Author

Contrasting "native" and "outsider" points of view, this book explores the contemporary realities of work, development and redevelopment in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, a New England community undergoing rapid industrial restructuring.

Based on anthropological fieldwork in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, In the Wake of the Giant has implications for towns and cities across the country and internationally. It traces the h...(Read More)
More Than Class
More Than Class (April 1998)
Studying Power in U.S. Workplaces
Ann E. Kingsolver - Editor

Examines the changing texture of power relations in non-traditional U.S. worksites.

More Than Class examines the changing texture of power relations in U.S. workplaces, focusing on sites ranging from security booths to bedrooms to mining shafts, rather than the traditional shop floor. The contributors see class analysis as a powerful tool for thinking about and addressing inequalities at the core of U.S. economic...(Read More)
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