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Three Faces of God
Three Faces of God (November 1998)
Society, Religion, and the Categories of Totality in the Philosophy of Emile Durkheim
Donald A. Nielsen - Author

A fresh interpretation of the work of Emile Durkheim, which argues that in addition to being a pioneer in sociological theory and research, Durkheim was also a major social philosopher concerned with religion, metaphysics, and knowledge.

"This is sociological scholarship at its best. This work goes to the head of the class in terms of an original work relating Durkheim to central philosophical questions and traditi...(Read More)
For God and Fatherland
For God and Fatherland (January 1996)
Religion and Politics in Argentina
Michael A. Burdick - Author

This analysis of the crises in church-state relations in Argentina over the last 100 years shows that the constitutionally-established Catholic Church was progressively disenfranchised by various governments and responded by struggling to maintain the institution's historic rights and privileges and to speak as the moral conscience of Argentina.

"Burdick provides (at long last) a basic study of the twentieth-century Argentine ...(Read More)
Promised Land
Promised Land (August 1995)
Base Christian Communities and the Struggle for the Amazon
Madeleine Cousineau Adriance - Author

Examines the relationship between grassroots Catholic Church groups (base Christian communities) and the mobilization of peasant farmers in the fight for control of Amazon lands.

Choice Outstanding Academic Books 1996

Using information gathered from more than one hundred interviews with farmers, activists, and church people in northern Brazil, the author shows how the present conflicts over land in the Amazon, as well as the destru...(Read More)

The Rise and Fall of Catholic Religious Orders
The Rise and Fall of Catholic Religious Orders (October 1994)
A Social Movement Perspective
Patricia Wittberg - Author

"It is a fine example of how to apply theoretical analysis to historical material in a way that sheds light on a contemporary social phenomenon. I have seen nothing in this genre with a similar respect for the complexities involved in the rise and decline of Catholic religious orders. This group--a sociological goldmine--has been largely ignored in the sociological analysis of intentional communes and communities. Wittberg's treatment is broad in...(Read More)
Tocqueville's Civil Religion
Tocqueville's Civil Religion (July 1994)
American Christianity and the Prospects for Freedom
Sanford Kessler - Author

Sanford Kessler offers a provocative and timely analysis of Alexis de Tocqueville's views on the relationship between Christianity and American democracy. These views are central to Tocqueville's discussions of the moral requirements of freedom and the tasks of democratic statesmanship.

Tocqueville's thinking about American religion is highly relevant to contemporary debates regarding America's origins, the current strength of American Chris...(Read More)
Gender and Work
Gender and Work (September 1993)
The Case of the Clergy
Edward C. Lehman Jr. - Author

"This is a very careful and scholarly study of the differences in leadership styles of women clergy and men clergy."
-- Ruth Wallace, George Washington University

"This book is a refreshing change in gender research. Theory and data gathering around gendered concerns have often only examined women. This text samples both women and men; therefore, it not only compares them but says something significant about both. What is significant h...(Read More)
The Protestant Presence in Twentieth-Century America
The Protestant Presence in Twentieth-Century America (November 1992)
Religion and Political Culture
Phillip E. Hammond - Author

Protestantism has undergone a shift in its relationship with American culture and politics. This book analyzes and evaluates that shift. The author shows how Protestantism began in America as a vibrant civil religion and how it developed so that, by the 1970s, its relationship with American culture and politics had changed radically. He shows how Evangelical Protestantism came into being and remains resilient.

Hammond also discusses religi...(Read More)
Conscience First, Tradition Second
Conscience First, Tradition Second (February 1992)
A Study of Young American Catholics
Patrick H. McNamara - Author

For this study of American religion, the author surveyed over 2000 Catholic high school seniors during a fourteen-year period, exploring changes in religiosity and attitudes toward the recent teachings of the Church. Fifty-four of these people were resurveyed eight and nine years after graduation, probing whether and in what direction their viewpoints had shifted.

"McNamara is on the cutting edge of a growing concern in the study of religio...(Read More)
They Call Her Pastor
They Call Her Pastor (February 1992)
A New Role for Catholic Women
Ruth A. Wallace - Author

"The book portrays a clear and detailed picture of the life and work of Catholic women pastors. The anecdotes and quotes make the people come alive. (It also) gives us the first look at an important religious phenomenon. It deals with the Church's struggle to come to grips with social changes in twentieth-century American society. These shifts include the women's movement, secularization, and desacralization of church structures. These p...(Read More)
The Resilience of Christianity in the Modern World
The Resilience of Christianity in the Modern World (January 1992)
Joseph B. Tamney - Author

This book develops a theoretical framework for understanding the popularity of religion in its particular social contexts. The author provides analyses of examples of "religious renaissance," such as the relation of the Catholic Church to Poland's Solidarity Movement, and the counterculture and Protestant theology. He appraises the appeal of the Christian Right in contemporary American culture and the relationship between the Political Right and t...(Read More)
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