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A Workbook in Redesigning Public Services
A Workbook in Redesigning Public Services (April 1989)
Leonard Ruchelman - Author

While citizens usually want more from government, they generally are included to pay less in taxes.When resources become scarce, as has been the case for most public jurisdictions, innovative methods must be developed for responding to service and cost pressures. How can this be done? A Workbook in Redesigning Public Services stresses a hands-on, how-to approach to diagnosing service delivery problems, analyzing alternative ways of delivering servic...(Read More)
New York State Today
New York State Today (February 1989)
Politics, Government, Public Policy, Second Edition
Peter W. Colby - Editor
John Kenneth White - Editor

Here it is -- the latest on New York State politics, government, and public policies. Its contributors include many well-known and active figures in government. The text covers the history and background of Empire State politics, the state constitution, the political geography of the state, and how the New York electorate and its branches of government are operating in the "Age of Mario Cuomo."

New York State Today will interest all New Yor...(Read More)
The Political Economy of Regulation
The Political Economy of Regulation (August 1988)
The Case of Insurance
Kenneth J. Meier - Author

This is the first comprehensive study of the history, politics, and economics of the insurance industry in the United States. It is designed as a theoretical challenge to the conventional wisdom in political economy which says that regulation benefits the regulated. In fact, Meier shows that because the insurance industry is far too divided to impose its will on the regulatory system, the political economy of regulation is actually the product of ...(Read More)
New Directions in Budget Theory
New Directions in Budget Theory (April 1988)
Irene S. Rubin - Editor

This collection is the first book-length work in many years to provide new theoretical direction to budget theory. Written by several of the most respected people in budgeting, including Allen Schick, Naomi Caiden, and Lance LeLoup, it explores such current topics as the scope of budgeting, the degree and source of variation in budgeting, and changes in budgeting process over time.

New Directions will help to build a framework that is...(Read More)
Making Cancer Policy
Making Cancer Policy (November 1986)
Mark E. Rushefsky - Author

Mark Rushefsky confronts head-on the controversies surrounding federal cancer policy, within the context, however, of a balanced view of the politics and science involved.

From 1976 to 1984, federal agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued guidelines regulating public exposure to chemical carcinogens....(Read More)
From Nation to States
From Nation to States (October 1986)
The Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program
Edward T. Jennings Jr. - Editor
Dale Krane - Editor
Alex Pattakos - Editor
B. J. Reed - Editor

The advent of the Reagan administration's "New Federalism" initiatives in 1981 impacted state government in numerous ways. One example of this new era in intergovernmental relations is the transfer of responsibility of the Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to state governments.

This volume provides an overview of the Small Cities CDBG program, an analysis of its p...(Read More)
The Politics of State and City Administration
The Politics of State and City Administration (June 1986)
Glenn Abney - Editor
Thomas P. Lauth - Editor

In The Politics of State and City Administration, Abney and Lauth take a penetrating look at the relationships of state and city administrators to the people with whom they work: legislators, councilors, chief executives, and numerous interest groups seeking to influence administrative decisions and upon whom administrators depend to achieve their objectives. The analysis is based upon information obtained from national surveys of approximat...(Read More)
Intergovernmental Management
Intergovernmental Management (November 1985)
Human Services Problem-Solving in Six Metropolitan Areas
Robert J. Agranoff - Author

This book shows how intergovernmental agents—elected officials, public and private managers, and private sector leaders—have cooperated to solve human-service problems in six metropolitan areas. Many social issues facing communities have proved to be beyond the responsibility of any single office. Agranoff explores the emerging concept of intergovernmental management and the developing practice of public officials’ working together ...(Read More)
A Workbook in Program Design for Public Managers
A Workbook in Program Design for Public Managers (June 1985)
Leonard Ruchelman - Author

This is the first practical, step-by-step guide to a key management technique—the design of efficient, cost-effective programs. With social programs succumbing to the pressures of budgetary cutbacks and taxpayer opposition, it gives public administrators the skills to design programs that will endure even as resources decline.

The author begins to bridge the gap between what is needed by society and what can be provided by gove...(Read More)
Legislating Bureaucratic Change
Legislating Bureaucratic Change (June 1985)
Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
Patricia W. Ingraham - Editor
Carolyn Ban - Editor

Legislating Bureaucratic Change is an in-depth analysis of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. This legislation, hailed by many as the major domestic achievement of the Carter presidency, was a far-reaching attempt to change and control the massive federal bureaucracy. Not since the passage of the Pendleton Act in 1883 had so major a reform been attempted.

Legislating Bureaucratic Change reveals this process of change and re...(Read More)
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