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The Social Construction of Public Administration
The Social Construction of Public Administration (July 2006)
Interpretive and Critical Perspectives
Jong S. Jun - Author
Frank P. Sherwood - Foreword by

Challenges the limitations of modern public administration theories.

In this conceptual guided tour of contemporary public administration, Jong S. Jun challenges the limitations of the discipline which, he argues, make it inadequate for understanding today’s complex human phenomena. Drawing on examples and case studies from both Eastern and Western countries, he emphasizes critical and interpretive perspective...(Read More)
Civil Service Reform in the States
Civil Service Reform in the States (January 2006)
Personnel Policy and Politics at the Subnational Level
J. Edward Kellough - Editor
Lloyd G. Nigro - Editor

Assesses recent civil service reforms undertaken by state governments.

Civil Service Reform in the States examines the critical importance of civil service systems in modern government and popular efforts to reform those systems. The book provides an up-to-date analysis and assessment of public personnel reforms undertaken by various state governments since 1990 and the extent to which these re...(Read More)
Tax Increment Financing and Economic Development
Tax Increment Financing and Economic Development (May 2001)
Uses, Structures, and Impact
Craig L. Johnson - Editor
Joyce Y. Man - Editor

Examines the many issues raised by the increasing popularity of tax increment financing.

A variety of policies, programs, and strategies have been designed to provide assistance, directly or indirectly, to businesses for the purpose of promoting economic development in a community. This book provides a comprehensive and detailed discussion of the uses, structures, and impacts of tax increment financing (TIF), one of th...(Read More)
Institutional Constraints and Policy Choice
Institutional Constraints and Policy Choice (April 2001)
An Exploration of Local Governance
James C. Clingermayer - Author
Richard C. Feiock - Author

Demonstrates how governmental structure and institutional rules determine who gets what in American cities.

Institutional arrangements constitute the "rules of the game" for any civil and political society. To understand urban politics and policy making, including issues dealing with economic development, zoning, constituency representation, government borrowing, and service contract decisions, discovering inst...(Read More)
Teaching Ethics and Values in Public Administration Programs
Teaching Ethics and Values in Public Administration Programs (December 1997)
Innovations, Strategies, and Issues
James S. Bowman - Editor
Donald C. Menzel - Editor

Provides fresh perspectives on the teaching of ethics and values in public affairs, administration, and business in America's schools of higher education.

This book offers a comprehensive selection of the latest work on teaching ethics in public administration. It presents in-depth original studies on contemporary innovations, strategies, and issues in ethics instruction and examines the most recent efforts to design ethics-edu...(Read More)
Reinventing Government or Reinventing Ourselves
Reinventing Government or Reinventing Ourselves (December 1996)
The Role of Citizen Owners in Making a Better Government
Hindy L. Schachter - Author

Viewing the public as owners rather than customers of government, this book argues that better performance by public agencies requires active and responsible citizens as well as efficient organizations.

"What I like most about this book is that it brings historically grounded arguments to bear on the citizenship/professionalism debate that has simmered since professional management developed at the turn of the century. C...(Read More)
Bargaining Under Federalism
Bargaining Under Federalism (July 1991)
Contemporary New York
Sarah F. Liebschutz - Author

"What I like best about the book is its emphasis on bargaining in the federal system and the inclusion of some real life examples of how that bargaining occurs. The subject is important. Understanding how domestic policies are made in America, how they are implemented, and the ways in which they affect citizens requires an understanding of the roles of the national, state, and local governments in the making and execution of public policy. This is...(Read More)
Practical Government Budgeting
Practical Government Budgeting (November 1990)
A Workbook for Public Managers
Susan L. Riley - Author
Peter W. Colby - Author

"Easy to read. Well organized. Most important, it's geared to the practitioner-- especially those working in smaller-size governmental units or those students who want jobs in the public sector." -- Paul Green, Governors State University

This book provides descriptions, instructions, and exercises to help readers master government budgeting as it is actually practiced. University courses and training programs serving presen...(Read More)
After Divestiture
After Divestiture (July 1990)
The Political Economy of State Telecommunications Regulation
Paul Teske - Author

This book analyzes the politics of state regulatory decision-making in telecommunications after the AT&T divestiture in 1984. The author takes a political-economy approach that explains how interest groups and institutional factors have shaped different state policies. He shows that the structure and composition of state regulatory institutions have important effects on pricing and competition in the telecommunications industry.

The in...(Read More)
Frederick Taylor and the Public Administration Community
Frederick Taylor and the Public Administration Community (October 1989)
A Reevaluation
Hindy L. Schachter - Author

This book argues that the "authoritarian" depiction of Frederick Taylor trivializes his important contribution. Schachter's analysis of Taylor's work shows that he actually originated many of the human relations insights that the literature attributes to Mayo, Maslow, and McGregor.

Introduced are two major arguments. Through an examination of Taylor's work, a new way of understanding his actual approach to management is opened. Also discus...(Read More)
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