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Disenchanted Realists, Second Edition
Disenchanted Realists, Second Edition (May 2015)
Political Science and the American Crisis
Raymond Seidelman - Author
Edward J. Harpham - With the assistance of
James Farr - Afterword

New edition of the provocative history of the tenuous relationship between the scientific study of politics and the real world of American democracy.

When it first appeared three decades ago, Raymond Seidelman’s provocative study of the history of political science both attracted a great deal of attention and generated vibrant controversy. Where prior studies of the history of political science had concentra...(Read More)
Performing Marx
Performing Marx (January 2006)
Contemporary Negotiations of a Living Tradition
Bradley J. Macdonald - Author

Draws upon Marx, Western Marxism, and poststructuralist theory to constructively engage contemporary issues.

Performing Marx looks at what it means to be a Marxist dealing with contemporary political and theoretical developments in the twenty-first century. Drawing upon Marx’s work, Western Marxism, and poststructuralist theory, Bradley J. Macdonald explores how a living tradition of Marx’s ideas ...(Read More)
Coping in Politics with Indeterminate Norms
Coping in Politics with Indeterminate Norms (July 2003)
A Theory of Enlightened Localism
Benjamin Gregg - Author

Argues that social equity and legal justice are possible even in the absence of universal political norms.

Are social equity, political fairness, and legal justice possible within a liberal political order, even if norms are indeterminate? The modern world is distinguished by both its complexity and the absence of a single theory, principle, or tradition with the authority to constrain us. Coping in Politics with I...(Read More)
Democracy Growing Up
Democracy Growing Up (September 2002)
Authority, Autonomy, and Passion in Tocqueville's Democracy in America
Laura Janara - Author

Winner of the Best First Book Award, presented by the Foundations of Political Theory section of the American Political Science Association

Finalist—2004 C.B. Macpherson Prize presented by the Canadian Political Science Association

The first sustained feminist interpretation of Tocqueville’s classic, Democracy in America.

Tocqueville’s Democracy in Ame...(Read More)
Education and Democratic Theory
Education and Democratic Theory (April 2001)
Finding a Place for Community Participation in Public School Reform
A. Belden Fields - Author
Walter Feinberg - Author

A ground-breaking look at how access to decision making in the public schools can be extended to all, even previously excluded segments of the community.

2001 AESA Critics' Choice Award

Much has been made of the gap between public schools and the communities that they serve. This book shows how a group of teachers, parents, and community people in “Ed City” formed an edu...(Read More)
Political Theory and Partisan Politics
Political Theory and Partisan Politics (June 2000)
Edward Bryan Portis - Editor
Adolf G. Gundersen - Editor
Ruth Lessl Shively - Editor

Renowned theorists address the interconnections between those who engage in political struggle and those who study it.

Political theorists typically define political action in terms of rational potential rather than conflict, and for this reason neglect the partisan nature of political experience. This volume redresses this neglect, focusing on the interrelated questions of whether the task of political theory is to find some means of ...(Read More)
Marx and Engels
Marx and Engels (March 2000)
Their Contribution to the Democratic Breakthrough
August H. Nimtz Jr. - Author

Presents the first major study of Marx and Engels in two decades and the only study since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the recognized crisis of global capitalism.

"Nimtz has set out to change the way we think about Marx and Engels's place in history by asking not just what they said and wrote, but how this related to what they actually did, and studying this practical side of their work in detail--something which has been surpr...(Read More)
Theorizing Nationalism
Theorizing Nationalism (January 1999)
Ronald Beiner - Editor

Theorizing Nationalism directly addresses the normative dimensions of nationalism. A sequel to Theorizing Citizenship, this volume provides theoretical and philosophical clarity to an examination of the political appeal and normative status of nationalist claims. In addition, it discusses the theoretical demonstrable "right" to collective self-determination; the relationship between nationalism and "modernity"; the reconciling of natio...(Read More)
Politics and Truth
Politics and Truth (August 1997)
Political Theory and the Postmodernist Challenge
Theresa Man Ling Lee - Author

Considers the contested concept of truth in contemporary politics in light of the postmodernist challenge to Enlightenment ideals and examines the treatment of truth in an unusual lineup of thinkers ranging from Plato and Hobbes to Weber, Foucault, and Arendt.

"Most political theorists have been distrustful of power; and in contemporary political debate, the association of truth and power has been condemned for belittli...(Read More)
The Political Consequences of Thinking
The Political Consequences of Thinking (August 1997)
Gender and Judaism in the Work of Hannah Arendt
Jennifer Ring - Author

Applies the perspectives of gender and ethnicity in a feminist analysis of the Eichmann controversy and offers a wholly new interpretation of Arendt's work, from Eichmann in Jerusalem to The Life of the Mind.

In this book, Jennifer Ring offers a wholly new interpretation of Hannah Arendt's work, from Eichmann in Jerusalem, with its bitter reception by the Jewish community, to The Life of t...(Read More)
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