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Being and the Between
Being and the Between (March 1995)
William Desmond - Author

This is the culmination of a systematic metaphysics written by a world-class philosopher, demonstrating the need for a renewal of metaphysics.

As Plato told us long ago, the human being is neither a god nor a beast, but someone in between. Philosophy too is in between. How do we philosophize in between? W hat is the being of the between? This book answers the question in the most comprehensive terms possible. It offers a...(Read More)
The Ends of Philosophy
The Ends of Philosophy (January 1995)
Lawrence Cahoone - Author

This is a critique of Peirce, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Buchler, Derrida, and Rorty as anti-realists, showing that each of these philosophers affirms some form of self-undermining relativism that cannot account for itself.
The issue is, "can philosophy attain knowledge at all?" This book seeks a deep and comprehensive confrontation between the foundationalist aims of traditional philosophy, the postmodern critique, and the pragmatic attem...(Read More)
Charles Peirce's Pragmatic Pluralism
Charles Peirce's Pragmatic Pluralism (October 1994)
Sandra B. Rosenthal - Author

"I am impressed with the author's adept way of interweaving the diverse threads of Peirce's thought into a coherent thesis: underlying Peirce's idealism, realism, anti-nominalism, phenomenology, metaphysical categories is a commitment to pluralism. This is both an interesting and original way to address Peirce's philosophy." -- Carl R. Hausman, Penn State

"I like the force and subtlety with which Rosenthal makes her case for Peirce's pragma...(Read More)
Philosophy without Foundations
Philosophy without Foundations (October 1994)
Rethinking Hegel
William Maker - Author

"The author offers a forthright, closely-reasoned, often pungently-worded series of arguments, often developing considerable persuasive momentum for considering Hegel as a non-metaphysical, non-foundational thinker, and for recognizing the continuing relevance of Hegel to ongoing philosophical discussion. Ever since the late 1960s contemporary philosophy has been rediscovering the 'radical' Hegel buried under lazy interpretations from the past. Th...(Read More)
The Potencies of God(s)
The Potencies of God(s) (October 1994)
Schelling's Philosophy of Mythology
Edward Allen Beach - Author

"This is an interdisciplinary study, connecting philosophy and religion. Beach is at home in both domains of analysis and argument. He situates Schelling's endeavor in a clearly articulated matrix of systematic positions. Though he is rightly critical of Schelling's accomplishments,, both in terms of religion and philosophy, he manifests a good deal of sympathy for that thinker's project." -- Michael G. Vater, Marquette University

"This bo...(Read More)
Individuation in Scholasticism
Individuation in Scholasticism (July 1994)
The Later Middle Ages and the Counter-Reformation, 1150-1650
Jorge J. E. Gracia - Editor

"This is one of the most extensive treatments of individuation in any language."--Robert J. Spitzer, Seattle University

"Gracia has assembled an impressive group of scholars to discuss the work of leading medieval figures on the problem of individuation. All sixteen contributors are seasoned scholars. They speak authoritatively in a field that requires considerable learning and linguistic ability. No major medieval philosoph...(Read More)
Scientific Nihilism
Scientific Nihilism (March 1994)
On the Loss and Recovery of Physical Explanation
Daniel Athearn - Author

“This book is stimulating and enjoyable to read because it is strikingly original and builds a unified thesis on the importance of providing narrative causal accounts in the full explanation of physical systems. The topic is of fundamental significance to physical science, philosophy of science, and to human understanding generally. It has become clear that more abstractions in the form of simulations, models, or physical laws do not, by thems...(Read More)
The Other Nietzsche
The Other Nietzsche (January 1994)
Joan Stambaugh - Author

"Nietzsche is more important today than ever. Widely read, and co-opted into almost every conceivable philosophical fad and fashion, he is urgently in need of the rescue this fine volume provides. The book is a rich feast of new insights into Nietzsche's texts, and into the philosophical questions they pose.

"Stambaugh is an internationally-recognized authority on Nietzsche. She knows the texts backwards and forwards--and is keyed in to al...(Read More)
Richard Rorty
Richard Rorty (November 1993)
Prophet and Poet of the New Pragmatism
David L. Hall - Author

This book is a discussion of the nature and import of Richard Rorty's philosophy, particularly as it relates to his reevaluation of American pragmatism. Rorty's thinking is assessed within the context of both modern and postmodern intellectual trends, and his thought is contrasted with that of his principal contemporaries in America and Europe, including Donald Davidson, W. V. O. Quine, Jurgen Habermas, Michel Foucault, Martin Heidegger, and Jacques...(Read More)
Eternity and Time's Flow
Eternity and Time's Flow (July 1993)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"Neville's opening claim is simply indisputable, that nothing in ancient mythical cosmology, no matter how fantastic, rivals the sort of sweepingly imaginative cosmological claims issuing from the pens of today's most prominent theoretical physicists. Neville writes with the same easy, fluent, and (most of all) authoritative command of ideas and of relevant details employed by Hawking, Feynman, and Bohm. The difference, in Neville's favor, is that...(Read More)
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