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Unnecessary Evil
Unnecessary Evil (November 2000)
History and Moral Progress in the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant
Sharon Anderson-Gold - Author

Demonstrates the systematic connection between Kant's ethics and his philosophy of history.

No philosopher has been more committed to the idea of the moral progress of humanity than Immanuel Kant. But is this idea of the moral advancement of the species compatible with the individualist basis of Kantian ethics? Do individuals have obligations to contribute toward the welfare of future generations? Here, Sharon Anderson-Gold affirms th...(Read More)
Transforming Process Theism
Transforming Process Theism (May 2000)
Lewis S. Ford - Author
Robert Cummings Neville - Foreword by

Traces variations of theism in Whitehead's principle works, identifying a major problem in conventional understanding of process theism and constructing an original and provocative solution.

Process theism, in a variety of manifestations and modifications stemming from Whitehead's original suggestions, dominates discussions of philosophical and natural theology in Europe and America. In Transforming Process Theism Ford argues th...(Read More)
Before Logic
Before Logic (March 2000)
Richard Mason - Author

CHOICE 2000 Outstanding Academic Book

Argues that there is an undeniable and essentially historical dimension to logic.

Must logic come first? Are philosophical problems really logical? Must we think logically to think at all? Richard Mason's case is that too much comes before logic--too many choices and too much history. Logic has been formed by choices made by philosophers, not just as a s...(Read More)
Moral Progress
Moral Progress (January 2000)
A Process Critique of MacIntyre
Lisa Bellantoni - Author

Argues that in order to reinvigorate our moral inheritances we must endeavor not only to live well, but also to live better.

Moral Progress examines the challenge emotivism presents to contemporary ethicists. Focusing on the thought of Alasdair MacIntyre and Alfred North Whitehead, Lisa Bellantoni refutes MacIntyre's belief that a return to traditional values which once enjoyed broad social consensus will restore our moral cente...(Read More)
Realistic Pragmatism
Realistic Pragmatism (December 1999)
An Introduction to Pragmatic Philosophy
Nicholas Rescher - Author

Recovers classical pragmatism from recent deconstructive interpretations.

Nicholas Rescher gives a compact but comprehensive overview of pragmatism that does justice to the doctrine's original realistic and objectivistic purport. By providing a historically faithful version of a pragmatist position that is at once grounded in the root inspirations of the doctrine and able to overcome the sorts of objections that have often been advance...(Read More)
Descartes and Husserl
Descartes and Husserl (November 1999)
The Philosophical Project of Radical Beginnings
Paul S. MacDonald - Author

Presents the first book-length study of the profound influence of Descartes' philosophy on Husserl's project for phenomenology.

This book explores the profound influence of Descartes' philosophy on Husserl's project for phenomenology. Husserl often cited Descartes as his "spiritual mentor" and the systematic doubt of the Meditations became one of the principal points of departure for beginning phenomenological inv...(Read More)
Metaphysics and Its Task
Metaphysics and Its Task (July 1999)
The Search for the Categorial Foundation of Knowledge
Jorge J. E. Gracia - Author

By offering the first systematic analysis of the nature of the discipline, Metaphysics and Its Task answers why metaphysics always recovers from the attacks it has been subjected to throughout its history. This is done by examining its object, method, aim, and the kind of propositions of which it is composed. In addition to presenting a new conception of metaphysics and an explanation of the resilience of the discipline, the book offers a nov...(Read More)
Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations
Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations (June 1999)
William H. Brenner - Author

An imaginative and exciting exposition of major themes from Wittgenstein's mature philosophy.

An imaginative and exciting exposition of themes from Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations, this book helps readers find their way around the "forest of remarks" that make up this classic. Chapters on language, mind, color, number, God, value, and philosophy develop a major theme: that there are various kinds of language u...(Read More)
Bradley and the Structure of Knowledge
Bradley and the Structure of Knowledge (April 1999)
Phillip Ferreira - Author

Arguing against those who situate F.H. Bradley as a skeptic, mystic, or empiricist, this book makes a case for understanding his thought firmly in the tradition of rationalistic idealism.
"Bradley and the Structure of Knowledge provides a readable guide to a difficult philosopher. It contains numerous insights and it reveals some unexpected ramifications of Bradley's views. Moreover, it does this repeatedly and in surprising place...(Read More)
Metaphysics (August 1998)
Josiah Royce - Author
William Ernest Hocking - Editor
Richard Hocking - Editor
Frank Oppenheim - Editor

An edited transcript of the great Harvard philosopher Josiah Royce's last year-long course in metaphysics, given at Harvard in 1915-1916.

This book is an edited transcript of Josiah Royce's last year-long course in metaphysics at Harvard in 1915-1916.

"Nowhere else did Royce have an opportunity to explain the relations between his two most ambitious works, The World and the Individual and ...(Read More)
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