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Epistemology (October 2003)
An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge
Nicholas Rescher - Author

A comprehensive introduction to the theory of knowledge.

Guided by the founding ideas of American pragmatism, Epistemology provides a clear example of the basic concepts involved in knowledge acquisition and explains the principles at work in the development of rational inquiry. It examines how these principles analyze the course of scientific progress and how the development of scientific inquiry inevitably en...(Read More)
Understanding Understanding
Understanding Understanding (September 2003)
Richard Mason - Author

A study of the scope and limits of understanding.

How is understanding to be understood? Are there limits to understanding? What of importance, if anything, could lie beyond understanding? And do we need to understand knowledge before we can know about understanding? Richard Mason's argument is that a critical theory of understanding, modeled on past theories of knowledge, cannot be workable.

...(Read More)
Wittgenstein's Account of Truth
Wittgenstein's Account of Truth (January 2003)
Sara Ellenbogen - Author

Explores the complex nature of truth in Wittgenstein’s philosophy.

Wittgenstein's Account of Truth
challenges the view that semantic antirealists attribute to Wittgenstein: that we cannot meaningfully call verification-transcendent statements “true.” Ellenbogen argues that Wittgenstein would not have held that we should revise our practice of treating certain statements as true or false, but ins...(Read More)
Process and Analysis
Process and Analysis (November 2002)
Whitehead, Hartshorne, and the Analytic Tradition
George W. Shields - Editor

Leading thinkers from both traditions explore common philosophical topics.

Process and Analysis
brings together an unprecedented collection of the world’s leading contemporary process and analytic philosophers to explore philosophical topics of common interest. The contributors examine a wide variety of explicit and implicit commonalities and differences of approach to such central philosophical issues as the n...(Read More)
The Philosopher's Voice
The Philosopher's Voice (October 2002)
Philosophy, Politics, and Language in the Nineteenth Century
Andrew Fiala - Author

Explores the relationship between philosophy and politics in the work of Kant, Fichte, Hegel, and Marx.

This analysis of the relationship between philosophy and politics recognizes that political philosophers must continually struggle to distinguish their voices from others that clamor within political life. Author Andrew Fiala asks whether it is possible to maintain a distinction between philosophical speech and other...(Read More)

The Unity of Knowledge and Action
The Unity of Knowledge and Action (August 2002)
Toward a Nonrepresentational Theory of Knowledge
Warren G. Frisina - Author

Uses the thought of Wang Yang-ming, John Dewey, and Alfred North Whitehead to explain a more coherent theory of knowledge.

Building upon insights from the sixteenth century Neo-Confucian Wang Yang-ming, the American pragmatist John Dewey, and the process philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, this book argues that knowledge is best understood as a form of action. Many of the most puzzling philosophic problems in the modern ...(Read More)
The Unity of Wittgenstein's Philosophy
The Unity of Wittgenstein's Philosophy (July 2002)
Necessity, Intelligibility, and Normativity
José Medina - Author

Explores the stable core of Wittgenstein's philosophy as developed from the Tractatus to the Philosophical Investigations.

Exposing the myth of “the two Wittgensteins,” this book provides a detailed account of the unity in Wittgenstein's thought from the Tractatus to the Philosophical Investigations. Unlike recent interpretations in the literature, this account is not the story...(Read More)
The Patterns of the Present
The Patterns of the Present (November 2001)
Interpreting the Authority of Form
George Allan - Author

An original philosophical treatise on form and the foundations of social value.
The third volume in a trilogy by George Allan, The Patterns of the Present argues that organisms, persons, and cultures are all meaningful systems, and that the ontological conditions necessary for their sustained systemic unity provide a normative standard--ideals of virtue and responsibility--by which individuals can judge how best to live their live...(Read More)
Ethics and the Between
Ethics and the Between (January 2001)
William Desmond - Author

Articulates the necessity for a comprehensive reconstructive thinking about the meaning of being good.

In Ethics and the Between William Desmond addresses our current perplexities regarding the devaluation of being in modernity and the shadow of ethical nihilism. He rethinks the sources of value, the diverse ethical ways, the nature of ethical selving and communities, and articulates the necessity for a compreh...(Read More)
Coming to Be
Coming to Be (December 2000)
Toward a Thomistic-Whiteheadian Metaphysics of Becoming
James W. Felt - Author

Synthesizes Thomistic and Whiteheadian metaphysics.

This book explores the possibility of using the twentieth-century "process" philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead to modernize the thirteenth-century metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas in order to make better philosophical sense of the evolutionary processes of the world. Due to certain limitations, neither philosophy has been able to provide satisfactory metaph...(Read More)
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