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Israeli Planners and Designers
Israeli Planners and Designers (August 2001)
Profiles of Community Builders
John Forester - Editor
Raphael Fischler - Editor
Deborah Shmueli - Editor

In their own words, the stories of the men and women who are the planners, architects, community organizers--the hidden builders--of the modern state of Israel.

This book documents the goals, lives, experiences, and practice of planners, architects, and community organizers who have contributed to the physical and social development of the modern state of Israel. In their own words, these "community builders" share their professional e...(Read More)
Jewish Hearts
Jewish Hearts (April 2001)
A Study of Dynamic Ethnicity in the United States and the Soviet Union
Betty N. Hoffman - Author

Compares the experiences of Soviet/Russian Jewish immigrants to the U.S. during two different time frames.

This ethnographic study compares and contrasts the changing ethnic identity of those Russian Jews who settled in Hartford, Connecticut between 1881 and 1930 with that of the Soviet Jews who remained in Russia after the Revolution, became Soviet citizens, and emigrated after 1975. Although both groups were labeled "J...(Read More)
Voices of Resistance
Voices of Resistance (January 1998)
Oral Histories of Moroccan Women
Alison Baker - Author

Providing new information on women's participation in the Moroccan independence movement, Voices of Resistance offers a rare opportunity to hear Moroccan women speak freely about their personal lives. Each woman is introduced in terms of her family background and personal style, and the interviews are given texture and context by references to Moroccan history and popular culture, including contemporary songs and poems. These women are storyt...(Read More)
Workers of the Donbass Speak
Workers of the Donbass Speak (July 1995)
Survival and Identity in the New Ukraine, 1989-1992
Lewis H. Siegelbaum - Author
Daniel J. Walkowitz - Author

This is an oral and local history of the coal mining town of Donetsk in the Ukraine. The workers describe their changing political and economic goals and their reaction to Western culture, the rising tides of nationalism and religion.
"This book is a valuable contribution to the field of post-Soviet studies; it addresses a number of crucial issues in an engaging and informative way. Most importantly, it allows Western readers to hear Russ...(Read More)
Two Sides to Everything
Two Sides to Everything (February 1995)
The Cultural Construction of Class Consciousness in Harlan County, Kentucky
Shaunna L. Scott - Author

This is an ethnography and oral history of miners and their families in Kentucky focusing on political ideology and working class consciousness.
This is an oral history and ethnography of miners and their families in Kentucky focusing on political ideology and working class consciousness.
"This is passionate, exciting fieldwork. Scott has produced a very readable and interesting account of the consciousness of ordinary people in Harla...(Read More)
The Politics of Public Memory
The Politics of Public Memory (July 1993)
Tourism, History, and Ethnicity in Monterey, California
Martha K. Norkunas - Author

This book examines American public culture and the means by which communities in the U.S. reconstruct the past and reinterpret the present in the development of tourism. Norkunas shows how public culture is not confined to just museums or monuments, but can be constructed on many different levels and in different settings, such as community ethnicity, natural setting (environment), literary landscape, and history. In her case study of Monterey, th...(Read More)
The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories
The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories (January 1991)
Form and Meaning in Oral History
Alessandro Portelli - Author

"The essays that Alessandro Portelli has produced on the meaning of oral history are incredibly insightful. The book is a real breakthrough in the analysis of oral history and will stimulate work in the field for years to come." -- John Bodnar, Oral History Research Center, and Department of History, Indiana University

"I can think of nothing which is so closely tied to actual fieldwork, and which brings such sophisticated theoretical unders...(Read More)
A Shared Authority
A Shared Authority (May 1990)
Essays on the Craft and Meaning of Oral and Public History
Michael Frisch - Author

"Frisch's essays penetrate the historical consciousness of the nation and expose its distortions. He is not afraid to 'depart from the usual academic form.' This volume ranges from insightful essays and interviews to book and film reviews, but despite its sweep of subjects and form, its pieces build coherently upon each other. This is an entertaining, illuminating, and provocative body of work.

"Two pieces from the book--evaluating the New...(Read More)
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