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The Solidarity of Kin
The Solidarity of Kin (August 2002)
Ethnohistory, Religious Studies, and the Algonkian-French Religious Encounter
Kenneth M. Morrison - Author

Using the example of the Eastern Algonkians, this book argues that Native Americans did not convert to Christianity, but rather made sense of Christianity in their own traditional ways and for their own social purposes.

Arguing that Native Americans’ religious life and history have been misinterpreted, author Kenneth M. Morrison reconstructs the Eastern Algonkians’ world views, demonstrates the indigenous modes of ration...(Read More)
Weaving Ourselves into the Land
Weaving Ourselves into the Land (July 1997)
Charles Godfrey Leland, 'Indians,' and the Study of Native American Religions
Thomas C. Parkhill - Author

CHOICE 1997 Outstanding Academic Book

Examines how both negative and positive stereotypes of the "Indian" have influenced the study of Native American religions.

It is now over half a millennium since the first sustained contact between the peoples or Europe and North America, yet Native Americans and especially their religious traditions still fascinate those who are not Native. In Weavin...(Read More)
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