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Tradition, Innovation, Conflict
Tradition, Innovation, Conflict (July 1991)
Jewishness and Judaism in Contemporary Israel
Zvi Sobel - Editor
Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi - Editor

This book examines religion in Israeli society: what it is and how it functions. Here is a clear picture of how Judaism provides a matrix of continuity for Israeli society notwithstanding a wide diversity of beliefs and practices.

"There is a general lack of literature dealing specifically with the roles of religious and secular life in contemporary Israel. In addition, the public perception in this country, is that social and political li...(Read More)
Critical Essays on Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture
Critical Essays on Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture (February 1991)
Books on Israel, Volume II
Ian S. Lustick - Editor
Barry Rubin - Editor

Critical Essays on Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture is the second volume in a series devoted to imaginative and critical consideration of recent books on Israel. It is a forum allowing some of the most insightful students of Israeli affairs, both in Israel and in the United States, to examine trends in Israeli literature and in scholarship pertaining to all aspects of Israeli life. Each contributor approaches Israel from a differen...(Read More)
Israel After Begin
Israel After Begin (October 1990)
Gregory S. Mahler - Editor

"The book is not just interesting--it is exciting. It was a pleasure to read, and I recommend it without hesitation." -- Donna Robinson Divine, Smith College

This book focuses on the nature of Israeli politics in the 'post-Begin' era. It examines significant contemporary issues such as the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon; the harnessing of the enormous inflation rate; the escalating tension between religious and secular Israeli Je...(Read More)
Interest Groups and Political Change in Israel
Interest Groups and Political Change in Israel (July 1990)
Marcia Drezon-Tepler - Author

This book challenges the conventional view of Israeli politics as an ideological, stron party system. Focusing on three important and influential interest groups, the Gush Emunim, the Ihud kibbutz federation, and the Manufacturers' Association, Drezon-Tepler presents a comprehensive view of Israel's society and politics. Integrated here are unpublished sources, and material from personal interviews with prominent personalities including Prime Mini...(Read More)
The Saint of Beersheba
The Saint of Beersheba (March 1990)
Alex Weingrod - Author

"Alex Weingrod has written an important and fascinating book that contributes to an understanding of contemporary Israel, on the one hand, and to theories of religion, ethnicity and cultural revitalization, on the other. Weingrod's rich ethnographic description of the origin, development, and functions of the cult of one Jewish saint in contemporary Israel, and the annual pilgrimage to his grave, not only is intrinsically valuable, but it also poin...(Read More)
Trouble in Utopia
Trouble in Utopia (October 1989)
The Overburdened Polity of Israel
Dan Horowitz - Author
Moshe Lissak - Author

This book provides a thorough and detailed examination of Israeli institutions and how they function. It explains the decline in effectiveness of the government and the spread of cultural malaise in the Israel of the eighties. Horowitz and Lissak trace the integrative and disintegrative trends in Israel and show how a society that had laid the foundations for a cohesive Jewish nation-state became increasingly vulnerable to centrifugal forces.
<...(Read More)
Transition to Adulthood During Military Service
Transition to Adulthood During Military Service (October 1989)
The Israeli Case
Amia Lieblich - Author

"It speaks the language of psychology without jargon. I especially like the way she weaves together personality and social structure, illuminating so many aspects of Israeli society. Furthermore, the age group that Lieblich studies represents the future generation in all countries. Growth and development may look the same in various societies, but the shadings, nuances, and the meaning of adolescence will vary from culture to culture. This book ...(Read More)
Pulling Strings
Pulling Strings (February 1989)
Biculturalism in Israeli Bureaucracy
Brenda Danet - Author

This is a book about the use of personal influence, protektzia, in Israel. All over the world, in both democratic and socialist societies, there exists some degree of recognition of the rights of citizens to complain about unjust treatment in organizational encounters. While the goals and actual functioning of complaint-handling devices may vary, bureaucratic role relations are ideally governed by the principles of universalism, specificity, and a...(Read More)
The Israeli State and Society
The Israeli State and Society (December 1988)
Boundaries and Frontiers
Baruch Kimmerling - Editor

This book provides a unique mosaic of the most recent processes and phenomena which explains Israel factually as well as theoretically. It offers a new conceptual framework for analysing the relationships between state and society, contrasting social boundaries with social frontiers. It also discusses the problems that arise when Zionist ideology confronts reality in contemporary Israel.

"It deals with exceedingly important issues scarcely ...(Read More)
The Politics of Provocation
The Politics of Provocation (September 1988)
Participation and Protest in Israel
Gadi Wolfsfeld - Author

Examines street demonstrations from 1980 through 1984.

“In the past few years, it almost appears that protesting against the government has replaced working for it as the primary occupation of Jerusalem’s residents. As the nation’s capital, and home to the country’s largest ultra-Orthodox community, the city is a natural focus for street demonstrations. As a result, Jerusalem has been the un...(Read More)
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