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Society and Settlement
Society and Settlement (February 1993)
Jewish Land of Israel in the Twentieth Century
Aharon Kellerman - Author

This book scrutinizes the interrelationships between Jewish spatial organization and social structure and change in Palestine/Israel. Kellerman analyzes the development of nationwide and regional settlements, and reasons for spatial and territorial choices, such as cooperative villages. He uncovers the extreme differences between the old and the new in Jewish settlement patterns, and discusses the implications for cultural development, economic fu...(Read More)
Jewish Civilization
Jewish Civilization (September 1992)
The Jewish Historical Experience in a Comparative Perspective
Shmuel N. Eisenstadt - Author

This book explains why the best way to understand the Jewish historical experience is to look at Jewish people, not just as a religious or ethnic group or a nation or "people," but, as bearers of civilization. This approach helps to explain the greatest riddle of Jewish civilization, namely, its continuity despite destruction, exile, and loss of political independence.

In the first part of the book, Eisenstadt compares Jewish life and religi...(Read More)
Despair and Deliverance
Despair and Deliverance (July 1992)
Private Salvation in Contemporary Israel
Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi - Author

"It addresses an issue of great importance for many different kinds of people today. It is clear, scholarly, thoughtful and without jargon. This is a study, not just of several minor religious movements, but also an analysis of the social, psychological and moral 'deep-structures' of life in Israel today, with some highly pertinent comparisons to the United States." -- Peter Homans, The Divinity School, The University of Chicago

"Beit-Halla...(Read More)
Pioneers and Homemakers
Pioneers and Homemakers (July 1992)
Jewish Women in Pre-State Israel
Deborah S. Bernstein - Editor

“It is a revisionary book which debunks a lot of the myths which have been attached to Zionism, and which graphically demonstrates, as well, the ways the experiences and contributions of women have been sidelined both by the Zionist male leadership and by historians of the movement up to now. The topic is both extremely significant in itself — this is truly a pioneering and important work — and central, as well, to several important f...(Read More)
The Politics and Strategy of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East
The Politics and Strategy of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East (July 1992)
Opacity, Theory, and Reality, 1960-1991 -- An Israeli Perspective
Shlomo Aronson - Author
Oded Brosh - With

Based on research from an array of American, Arab, British, French, German, and Israeli sources, this book provides a nuclear history of the world's most explosive region. Most significantly, it gives an exposition of Israel's acquisition and political use, or nonuse, of nuclear weapons as a central factor of its foreign policy in the 1960-1991 period. In stressing the factor of nuclear weapons, the author highlights an often-neglected a...(Read More)
Wildfire (February 1992)
Grassroots Revolts in Israel in the Post-Socialist Era
Sam Lehman-Wilzig - Author

"This book is extremely provocative, very clearly written, and well-structured. I found it interesting and, in places, fascinating. The topic is extremely important for the macro-understanding of the Israeli society, especially within the context of changes occurring since 1967." -- Ilan Peleg, Lafayette College

Wildfire is a wide-ranging, inter-disciplinary study of the "other side" of Israeli public life. Because th...(Read More)
Land of Paradoxes
Land of Paradoxes (September 1991)
Interest Politics in Israel
Yael Yishai - Author

This book examines the structure of Israeli interest groups, their strategies, their effectiveness, and their relations with state organizations and political parties. It addresses such important questions as the following. What are the links between political parties and interest groups? What are the attitudes of senior state officials toward interest groups? Why do interest groups influence public policy and to what extent? Are some groups mo...(Read More)
Split Corporatism in Israel
Split Corporatism in Israel (September 1991)
Lev Luis Grinberg - Author

This books examines the structural constraints and dynamic processes of Israel's political economy by a unique combination of neo-corporatist and dual market approaches. Grinberg demonstrates that this combination of theories provides a better framework for the analysis of the last decade of political and economic crises in Israel.

The author focuses on the Israeli workers' organization, the Histadrut, its historical development and structur...(Read More)
Ancient and Modern Israel
Ancient and Modern Israel (July 1991)
An Exploration of Political Parallels
Ira Sharkansky - Author

This book identifies and examines those parallels between ancient and modern Israel that help to clarify the conflicts apparent in modern Israel. It discusses such contemporary issues as the Arab uprising and the Israeli government's ambivalence in dealing with it; the government's inability to come to a permanent solution concerning the territories occupied in 1967; and the lack of a clear-cut consensus in the 1988 elections.

By comparing t...(Read More)
The Road to Power
The Road to Power (July 1991)
Herut Party in Israel
Yonathan Shapiro - Author

"This is a clearly conceived, meticulously executed, and lucidly written study of the Herut Party, and it will stand for many years as the definitive study of its subject. Its major strength is the account of the turning points in the evolution of the Revisionist Party's character under Jabotinsky's leadership, and later of Herut Party under Begin's leadership, through interaction with the Polish and Israeli societies respectively. The author addr...(Read More)
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