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Regional Security Regimes
Regional Security Regimes (March 1995)
Israel and Its Neighbors
Efraim Inbar - Editor

This book shows that as Israel is gradually being accepted by the Arab world, pure security considerations are becoming more important in the Arab-Israeli relationship, and "security regimes" between Israel and neighboring countries can foster moderation and cooperation.

"Regional Security Regimes outlines Israel's current security problems clearly and cogently, and the book can be used in classes in Middle East p...(Read More)
Education, Empowerment, and Control
Education, Empowerment, and Control (February 1995)
The Case of the Arabs in Israel
Majid Al-Haj - Author

“This is the first and only systematic social science account of contemporary Arab education in Israel that includes details on historical changes along with an evaluation of educational policies and programs. It is presented within a general model of social change in the society as a whole. This a comprehensive and thorough study that is likely to become a classic in the field.” — Calvin Goldscheider, Brown University

As the momentum toward peace in the Middle East surges and wanes, the intensity of politics in Israel t...(Read More)
Israel and the Peace Process 1977-1982
Israel and the Peace Process 1977-1982 (October 1994)
In Search of Legitimacy for Peace
Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov - Author

"This is a serious and competent work of scholarship, clearly written, meticulously documented. Its message is that the achievement of peaceful settlement in a protracted and violent international (or interethnic) conflict is possible only if certain conditions are realized. These involve specific domestic considerations, notably legitimacy (that is, the mobilization of support) in society as well as in government at all stages of the peacemaking p...(Read More)
Critical Essays on Israeli Social Issues and Scholarship
Critical Essays on Israeli Social Issues and Scholarship (July 1994)
Books on Israel, Volume III
Russell Stone - Editor
Walter P. Zenner - Editor

"The interdisciplinary nature of this book gives both breadth and depth to Israeli social issues and scholarship. The topics addressed are quite significant and central to local processes as well as global issues." --J. Black, Metropolitan State University

Critical Essays on Israeli Social Issues and Scholarship is part of a series of review volumes sponsored by the Association for Israel Studies and published by SUNY Press that provid...(Read More)
The Political Economy of Israel
The Political Economy of Israel (December 1993)
From Ideology to Stagnation
Yakir Plessner - Author

"The book tells an interesting story about the workings of the Israeli economy. The author presents and interprets a rich array of historical material. At the same time, he shows a solid knowledge of economic theory as well as economic practice. Unlike other books about Israel, this volume captures the interplay between social, economic, and historical factors that permit one to have a broad understanding of Israel's economy." -- Robert Lerman, The ...(Read More)
Local Communities and the Israeli Polity
Local Communities and the Israeli Polity (November 1993)
Conflict of Values and Interests
Efraim Ben-Zadok - Editor

“With central governments fragmenting all over the world and ethnic groups competing for interests, the Israeli polity provides a dynamic illustration of social change. By refocusing the issues and arguing for 'spatial sectors' in future analysis, this book brings the best of geography, sociology, and political science to bear on the data.” — Henry Green, University of Miami

This book represents the...(Read More)
Politics and Policy Implementation
Politics and Policy Implementation (November 1993)
Project Renewal in Israel
Frederick A. Lazin - Author

This book analyzes how the political system influences domestic policy implementation in Israel. It shows how coalition politics, party dominated ministries, an independent and fragmented Jewish Agency, diaspora Jewish communities, powerful mayors, and ethnic considerations influenced the implementation of Begin's Project Renewal, a hybrid of the American War on Poverty, Urban Renewal, and Model Cities. It also reveals how Project Renewal initiate...(Read More)
Urban Social Movements in Jerusalem
Urban Social Movements in Jerusalem (July 1993)
The Protest of the Second Generation
Shlomo Hasson - Author

"The book deals with the 'routinization of charisma' in these movements. Hasson shows the importance of leadership, the origins of leaders, et cetera. He describes the paths of both those who came from gang backgrounds and those who did not. He addresses the roles of social workers and politicians in initiating, sustaining, and coopting these groups."
-- Walter P. Zenner, State University of New York at Albany

Hasson explores the devel...(Read More)
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