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Critical Essays on Israeli Society, Religion, and Government
Critical Essays on Israeli Society, Religion, and Government (December 1996)
Books on Israel, Volume IV
Kevin Avruch - Editor
Walter P. Zenner - Editor

Original review essays that provide critical commentary on recently published books and films on Israeli society, culture, politics, and religion.

This book is part of a series of review volumes sponsored by the Association for Israel Studies that provides a framework for discussion of research and scholarship on all aspects of Israeli society. It brings together original review essays commenting onissues in Israeli soci...(Read More)
Between the Flag and the Banner
Between the Flag and the Banner (November 1996)
Women in Israeli Politics
Yael Yishai - Author

This first comprehensive study of the political life of Israeli women looks at political participation, political identity, women's political organizations, and public policy regarding women.

Because Israel has endured perennial armed conflict, its national agenda places overriding importance on national security and family life. At the same time, Israel is a democracy that fosters equality for all its citizens. Thus Isr...(Read More)
Exile from Exile
Exile from Exile (July 1996)
Israeli Writers from Iraq
Nancy E. Berg - Author

"The topic of this book is significant as both a study of the psychological and literary problems faced by the 'exiled' of emigrewriters and their roles within the context of Israeli literature. It is by far the most comprehensive and profound treatment of this subject." --Spicehandler, Hebrew Union College

The standard histories of Israeli literature limit the canon, virtually ignoring those who came to Israel from Jewish comm...(Read More)
Wars, Internal Conflicts, and Political Order
Wars, Internal Conflicts, and Political Order (July 1996)
A Jewish Democracy in the Middle East
Gad Barzilai - Author

The first comprehensive analysis of the effect the prolonged Arab-Israeli conflict has had on state and society in Israel.

This book advances significantly our understanding of the way in which democracies operate in protracted security crises by focusing on the Israeli case (1948–1993) while comparing this case to others. It is a must for all those interested in Israeli and Mid-Eastern politics. Barzilai's ...(Read More)
Conscience at War
Conscience at War (March 1996)
The Israeli Soldier as a Moral Critic
Ruth Linn - Author

An exploration of the moral and intellectual conflict of Israeli citizens who have resisted military service, and of how they justify their choices of action.

"Ruth Linn provides a fascinating account of conscientious objection in the Israeli army during the Lebanese war and the Intifada. Working from interviews with the 'refusers,' and quoting extensively, she probes for their motives and justifications and so provide...(Read More)
Israel in Comparative Perspective
Israel in Comparative Perspective (February 1996)
Challenging the Conventional Wisdom
Michael N. Barnett - Editor

Challenges the social-science image of Israel as a historical peculiarity by situating Israel's history in comparative context; by building bridges between Israel and other Middle Eastern states; and by using the Israeli case to reconsider existing social science theories and correct common misperceptions about the comparative method.

"This excellent analysis draws on social science theory that properly puts Israel in a ...(Read More)
Professionals against Populism
Professionals against Populism (August 1995)
The Peres Government and Democracy
Michael Keren - Author

Based on Shimon Peres's private papers, investigates the role of professionals--attorneys, strategic experts, and economists--in Israel's national unity government of 1984-1986 and assesses their impact on government policy.
"The topic of this book is significant to a wide variety of fields, from political sociology and culture to law, government, and the history of ideas. There are a number of books on the role of intellectuals in govern...(Read More)
Utopia in Zion
Utopia in Zion (July 1995)
The Israeli Experience with Worker Cooperatives
Raymond Russell - Author

A historical, sociological, and economic analysis of urban worker cooperatives in contemporary Israel.
Although less famous than Israel's cooperative agricultural settlements, the kibbutzim and moshavim, Israeli urban worker cooperatives have an equally long and rich history. Well over a thousand such organizations have been established in what is now Israel since early in this century. This book provides a historical, social, and econo...(Read More)
Israel (May 1995)
The First Decade of Independence
S. Ilan Troen - Editor
Noah Lucas - Editor

This book provides new interpretations and research findings, from a wide spectrum of viewpoints, on Israel's formative first decade of independence.
"This is an impressive work. The authors bring new evidence, documents that simply weren't available when the earlier histories were written, and these new documents, or even simply new perspectives, contribute to the ongoing debates involved in discussion of Israeli political history. This ...(Read More)
The Changing Agenda of Israeli Sociology
The Changing Agenda of Israeli Sociology (March 1995)
Theory, Ideology, and Identity
Uri Ram - Author

Offers the first systematic and comprehensive overview of sociological thought in Israel, and pleads for a new agenda that would shift the focus from nation building to democratic and egalitarian citizenship formation.
This study explores the changing agenda of Israeli sociology by linking content with context and by offering a historically informed critique of sociology as a theory and as a social institution. It examines, on the one ha...(Read More)
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