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Hegel's Quest For Certainty
Hegel's Quest For Certainty (June 1985)
Joseph C. Flay - Author

In a major contribution to Hegel scholarship, Professor Flay has written two books in one. The first is a close and original reading of the Phenomenology of Spirit and the second, an invaluable source book containing a bibliography (more than 450 titles) and footnotes which discuss in detail the secondary resource material.

"Although there are many valuable commentaries on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, this one breaks new gr...(Read More)
Hegel's Recollection
Hegel's Recollection (June 1985)
A Study of Images in the Phenomenology of Spirit
Donald Phillip Verene - Author

Donald Phillip Verene has advanced a completely new reading of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. He shows that the philosophic meaning of this work depends as much on Hegel's use of metaphor and image as it does on Hegel's dialectical and discursive descriptions of various stages of consciousness. The focus is on Hegel's concept of recollection (Erinnerung). Consciousness confronts itself with the aim of achieving absolute knowing.
<...(Read More)
The Politics of Salvation
The Politics of Salvation (June 1985)
The Hegelian Idea of State
Paul Lakeland - Author

The Politics of Salvation takes a radical stance: it focuses on the significance of the state in the Hegelian system when it is viewed as inspired and motivated by the Christian notion of God. The book thus makes connections between Hegel's political philosophy and his explicit appropriation of Christianity's incarnational mode of thinking. In unfolding the implications of this position, Lakeland shows how Hegel's thought can offer the bas...(Read More)
An Introduction to Hegel's Philosophy of Religion
An Introduction to Hegel's Philosophy of Religion (June 1984)
Raymond K. Williamson - Author

For Hegel, thought is not philosophical if it is not also religious. Both religion and philosophy have a common object and share the same content, for both are concerned with the inherent unity of all things. Hegel's doctrine of God provides the means for understanding this fundamental relationship. Although Hegel stated that God is absolute Spirit and Christianity is the absolute religion, the compatibility of Hegel's doctrine of God with Christ...(Read More)
Bruno, or On the Natural and Divine Principle of Things
Bruno, or On the Natural and Divine Principle of Things (June 1984)
F. W. J. Schelling - Author
Michael G. Vater - Editor

“Vater is one of the most knowledgeable persons in the English-speaking world on the thought of the early Schelling (up to and including the period of this dialogue he has translated). There exists in English no truly detailed account of Schelling's identity-philosophy. Vater's very fine introduction, and his extensive notes to the translation, do a great deal to fill this gap.” — Robert F. Brown, University of Delaware
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History and System
History and System (June 1984)
Hegel's Philosophy of History
Robert L. Perkins - Editor

A collection of this sort is a major achievement and that it is possible testifies to the quality of people involved with Hegel.

"History and System begins with a brilliant essay on the senses in which Hegel must be read as poetry. It ends with a prizewinning essay by Richard Winfield on Hegel's economic theory, an essay likely to provoke considerable controversy. In between are major essays by David Walsh, Schlomo Avineri, Me...(Read More)
Christology of Hegel
Christology of Hegel (June 1983)
James Yerkes - Author

“The Christology of Hegel by James Yerkes can take its place among the finest studies in Hegel's philosophy of religion in any language. The price of admission to Hegel scholarship of this quality runs high, and Yerkes has paid it. He has mastered all the relevant texts in Hegel's corpus, moving among them with easy familiarity. He has read widely in the best of the secondary literature; the organization of his study shows magi...(Read More)
Hegel's Concept of God
Hegel's Concept of God (June 1983)
Quentin Lauer - Author

Presents the first comprehensive view of Hegel’s contribution to the God-question.

“If one takes a panoramic view of Hegel’s entire philosophical endeavor—the endeavor to come to grips with and to be committed to reality in the concrete—one is struck by one inescapable idea: The Hegelian enterprise is an extraordinarily unified and grandiose attempt to elaborate one concept, which Hegel sees as the root of...(Read More)
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