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Hegel on Logic and Religion
Hegel on Logic and Religion (August 1992)
The Reasonableness of Christianity
John W. Burbidge - Author

"John Burbidge is widely respected for his book, On Hegel's Logic. This book continues his interest in logic, with special application to the reasonableness of Christianity. It is well organized into three major areas: logic; logic applied; and Christianity. It will enhance the respect in which he is held as a Hegel scholar." -- William Desmond

A distinction often missed by Hegelian interpreters is that, for Hegel, logic fun...(Read More)
Beyond Hegel and Dialectic
Beyond Hegel and Dialectic (July 1992)
Speculation, Cult, and Comedy
William Desmond - Author

"I find the book utterly fascinating to read. It is fresh and challenging."-- Merold Westphal

"It is highly original and well written. It is free of all Hegelian, Scholastic jargon and as a result the reader is drawn into the narrative and thinks along with the author. It takes a fresh look at Hegel." -- Donald Verene

This book is a defense of speculative philosophy in the wake...(Read More)
Hegel, Freedom, and Modernity
Hegel, Freedom, and Modernity (July 1992)
Merold Westphal - Author

"Merold Westphal is one of the most distinguished of contemporary commentators on Hegel. His work is replete with stimulating insights. He succeeds extraordinarily well in presenting the relevance of Hegel to a range of contemporary issues and thinkers, and thus the excitement of Hegel as a modern thinker. This is an exciting book." -- Paul Lakeland, Fairfield University

This book studies the intersection of Hegel's political theory...(Read More)
Recognition (March 1992)
Fichte and Hegel on the Other
Robert R. Williams - Author

"The most impressive aspect of this book is the full-length, detailed treatment of the idealist concept of intersubjectivity, or recognition, rarely studied in detail, virtually undiscussed in English at present. Williams' treatment of this concept is careful, informed, useful, and sticks closely to the primary text with appropriate reference to the available secondary literature and the relevant discussion by later thinkers. His study will redress ...(Read More)
Hegel's Grand Synthesis
Hegel's Grand Synthesis (July 1989)
A Study of Being, Thought, and History
Daniel Berthold-Bond - Author

This book offers the first genuinely systematic treatment of Hegel's eschatology in the literature. It is an investigation into Hegel's project to demonstrate the ultimate unity of thought and being (consciousness and reality, self and world). The author traces the project through Hegel's epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of history.

The grand synthesis creates a basic tension, an ambivalence, that reache...(Read More)
Hegel and His Critics
Hegel and His Critics (July 1988)
Philosophy in the Aftermath of Hegel
William Desmond - Editor

This book deals with fundamental problems in Hegel and with Hegel in relation to Kierkegaard, Marx, Nietzsche, Russell, Heidegger, Husserl, Derrida, and Bataille. It reveals Hegel's power to provoke both critical and creative thought across the complete spectrum of philosophical questions.

William Desmond is the author of Art and the Absolute: A Study of Hegel's Aesthetics and is Chair of Philosophy at Loy...(Read More)
Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit
Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit (November 1986)
Peter G. Stillman - Editor

This book focuses on Hegel's philosophy of spirit, his major concept and the core of his mature system. It does not so much define Geist as it does illustrate its many forms and manifestations. It is a broad-ranging examination of Volume III of Hegel's Encyclopedia delineating his radical break with previous philosophy and illuminating the heart of his thought.

Several themes recur: the meaning and content of recognition and intersubjectiv...(Read More)
Art and the Absolute
Art and the Absolute (June 1986)
A Study of Hegel's Aesthetics
William Desmond - Author

Art and the Absolute restores Hegel's aesthetics to a place of central importance in the Hegelian system. In so doing, it brings Hegel into direct relation with the central thrust of contemporary philosophy.

The book draws on the astonishing scope and depths of Hegel's Lectures on Aesthetics, exploring the multifaceted issue of art and the absolute. Why does Hegel ascribe absoluteness to art? What ...(Read More)
Hegel and Whitehead
Hegel and Whitehead (January 1986)
Contemporary Perspectives on Systematic Philosophy
George R. Lucas Jr. - Editor

Hegel and Whitehead presents a careful exploration of the similarities between these two formidable representatives of systematic philosophy. Some of the most distinguished scholars in European and American philosophy converge herein to explore the similarities in Hegel's and Whitehead's contemporary influence, as well as in the content of their respective systems and in their philosophical styles.

This volume begins with important cr...(Read More)
Between Kant and Hegel
Between Kant and Hegel (June 1985)
Texts in the Development of Post-Kantian Idealism
George di Giovanni - Translated and annotated by
H. S. Harris - Translated and annotated by

This volume fills an important gap in the philosophical literature by providing an anthology of writings from the crucial generation of thinkers between Kant and Hegel. An introductory essay by di Giovanni fits these authors and their work into the context of the general reception of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.

Between Kant and Hegel includes a translation of the only significant reviews by Hegel in t...(Read More)
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