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Beyond Boundaries?
Beyond Boundaries? (June 2000)
Disciplines, Paradigms, and Theoretical Integration in International Studies
Rudra Sil - Editor
Eileen M. Doherty - Editor

Presents a constructively critical reappraisal of the boundaries that define the social scientific analysis of international life.

This book represents a critical yet constructive reappraisal of the role, and the limits, of the boundaries that define and separate disciplines and subfields in the social sciences, as well as the boundaries that divide distinct research traditions or paradigms in the analysis of international life. It pro...(Read More)
Pondering Postinternationalism
Pondering Postinternationalism (March 2000)
A Paradigm for the Twenty-First Century?
Heidi H. Hobbs - Editor

Notable scholars explore James Rosenau's postinternational paradigm--an alternative view to traditional international relations.
Bringing together notable authors to explore James Rosenau's postinternational paradigm, this book makes an important contribution to the study of international relations theory. It includes a concluding chapter by Rosenau himself which responds individually and collectively to his critics.
"James Rosenau's ...(Read More)
After Authority
After Authority (March 2000)
War, Peace, and Global Politics in the 21st Century
Ronnie D. Lipschutz - Author

After Authority offers an overview of the evolving international political "revolution," a historical perspective based on Lipschutz's writings over the years. It also examines the prospects for war and peace in the twenty-first century. During earlier "industrial revolutions," long-standing and apparently stable patterns of social behavior, economic exchange, and political authority came under challenge. Today, post World War Two institution...(Read More)
Approaches to Global Governance Theory
Approaches to Global Governance Theory (September 1999)
Martin Hewson - Editor
Timothy J. Sinclair - Editor

Showcases diverse theoretical approaches in the emerging area of global governance.
"What I like most is the diversity of well-argued positions about 'global governance' that the book includes. Both as a concept and as a phenomena, 'global governance' is highly contested, and this book reflects that contestation." -- Craig N. Murphy, Wellesley College
As the debate over global governance heats up, Approaches to Global Govern...(Read More)
States, Firms, and Power
States, Firms, and Power (August 1999)
Successful Sanctions in United States Foreign Policy
George E. Shambaugh - Author

Analyses the effectiveness of economic sanctions as instruments of statecraft.

States, Firms, and Power uncovers the workings behind frequently maligned and often misapplied economic sanctions and incentives that have emerged as the United States policy tools of choice. Shambaugh uses a theory of economic statecraft to analyze the sources and limitations of power relations between states and firms. The book featur...(Read More)
Leapfrogging Development?
Leapfrogging Development? (August 1999)
The Political Economy of Telecommunications Restructuring
J. P. Singh - Author

Examines how developing countries have restructured their telecommunications in order to "leapfrog" or accelerate development.

Telecommunications restructurings are now seen as important barometers in the shift among developing countries toward market-based economies. They are often posited as helping developing countries "leapfrog," or accelerate their pace of development, and "connect" with the world economy. This book shows t...(Read More)
Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian-Russian Relations
Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian-Russian Relations (July 1999)
Paul J. D'Anieri - Author

In the most detailed study to date of the emerging international political economy of the former Soviet Union, Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian-Russian Relations analyzes the intractable economic dilemmas facing Russia's neighbors, and shows how economic interdependence has become the key axis for the pursuit of power politics in the region.
Ukraine's quest for complete political autonomy from Russia is in tension with the deep econ...(Read More)
Harmonizing Europe
Harmonizing Europe (April 1999)
Nation-States within the Common Market
Francesco G. Duina - Author

Analyzes factors that both drive and impede the establishment of transnational markets at the level of the nation state.

Harmonizing Europe analyzes factors that both drive and impede the establishment of transnational markets, such as the European Union--EU, NAFTA or MERCOSUR. The author argues that the fit between domestic institutions (namely, the legal and administrative legacies of nation states, and the organizatio...(Read More)
Private Authority and International Affairs
Private Authority and International Affairs (April 1999)
A. Claire Cutler - Editor
Virginia Haufler - Editor
Tony Porter - Editor

Explores in detail the degree to which private sector firms are beginning to replace governments in "governing" some areas of international relations.

Governments today are too often unwilling to intervene in global commerce, and international organizations are too often unable to govern effectively. In their place, firms increasingly cooperate internationally to establish the rules and standards of behavior for themselves and for othe...(Read More)
Zones of Peace in the Third World
Zones of Peace in the Third World (September 1998)
South America and West Africa in Comparative Perspective
Arie M. Kacowicz - Author

Provides a critique and an extention of the "democratic peace" theory by focusing on the regional level and by offering alternative explanations for the maintenance of democratic and non-democratic "zones of peace."

International relations scholars have traditionally focused on explaining war rather than peace, resulting in the concept of peace being understudied and underemphasized. This book in contrast explains the m...(Read More)
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