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The Culture of Denial
The Culture of Denial (July 1997)
Why the Environmental Movement Needs a Strategy for Reforming Universities and Public Schools
C. A. Bowers - Author

Argues that environmentalists must expand their political involvement to include the reform of public schools and universities, and that education must be revamped to support ecologically sustainable paths for society.

“Chet Bowers puts forth a powerful argument … Culture of Denial is a powerful, controversial book. It will stimulate discussion … it will provide a strong learning experien...(Read More)
Crazy Mountains
Crazy Mountains (November 1995)
Learning from Wilderness to Weigh Technology
David Strong - Author

In the tradition of Walden and A River Runs Through It, this is a vivid account of the Crazy Mountains in Montana, urging us to awaken from the spell of technology.
Reality is slipping away, writes David Strong in Crazy Mountains, and is being eroded by a glut of technological devices and commodities. But all is not lost if we learn to care for the things at the center of the good life.
Written in the tradition of...(Read More)
Educating for an Ecologically Sustainable Culture
Educating for an Ecologically Sustainable Culture (July 1995)
Rethinking Moral Education, Creativity, Intelligence, and Other Modern Orthodoxies
C. A. Bowers - Author

Exposes the faulty assumptions that underlie modern education in the areas of moral education, creativity, and intelligence, showing how these assumptions must be changed in order to produce an ecologically sustainable culture.

“I am very enthusiastic about this book. The author has continued the high level of inquiry established in his Education, Cultural Myths, and the Ecological Crisis. The discussion ...(Read More)
Oil in Troubled Waters
Oil in Troubled Waters (April 1994)
Perceptions, Politics, and the Battle Over Offshore Drilling
William R. Freudenburg - Author
Robert Gramling - Author

In some coastal regions of the United States, such as western Louisiana, offshore oil development has long been welcomed. In others, such as northern California, it has been vehemently opposed. This book explores the reasons behind this paradox, looking at the people, the regions, and the issues in sociological and historical contexts.

What has been in very short supply on this issue, as in a growing number of other cases of technological g...(Read More)
Environmental Politics in the International Arena
Environmental Politics in the International Arena (September 1993)
Movements, Parties, Organizations, and Policy
Sheldon Kamieniecki - Editor

The environmental movement is having a marked impact on national and international politics. This book examines the dominant ethics, attitudes, and moral values behind the international environmental movement and analyzes how it has influenced national policies around the world. In addition, it assesses the effectiveness of international law and international organizations in improving natural resource conservation.

"The essays are all ori...(Read More)
The Illusion of Choice
The Illusion of Choice (December 1992)
How the Market Economy Shapes Our Destiny
Andrew Bard Schmookler - Author

"Hundreds of books discuss the market, but none with this kind of criticism. No one else has written with this deep an insight.

"Schmookler provides an extraordinarily deep, broad, and insightful analysis of the social, political, and moral consequences for our civilization of our dependence on the market system. With elegance of language, he shows how the market presents the illusion of choice while its dynamics determine our mores and our...(Read More)
Education and the Environment
Education and the Environment (October 1992)
Learning to Live with Limits
Gregory A. Smith - Author

"The work combines a sense of vision and practicality and touches on the major issue of the conceptual needs and limitations of comtemporary education." -- Betty Reardon, Teachers College, Columbia University

"While others flail at the symptoms, berating the scholastic inadequacies and outrageous injustices of America's schools, Gregory Smith goes to the heart of the matter. Our schools reflect us, our whole world view of competition ...(Read More)
The Administrative Presidency Revisited
The Administrative Presidency Revisited (July 1992)
Public Lands, the BLM, and the Reagan Revolution
Robert F. Durant - Author

"One of the most substantial and penetrating empirical investigations yet made into the consequences of an aggressive administrative strategy for presidential leadership." -- American Political Science Review

"Robert Durant's new book is destined to become a classic. The product of years of painstaking research, The Administrative Presidency Revisited is brimming with findings, insights, and theoretical contributions that speak...(Read More)
Environmentalism and Political Theory
Environmentalism and Political Theory (May 1992)
Toward an Ecocentric Approach
Robyn Eckersley - Author

"Green political theory is the most exciting new area of inquiry for political theory scholars. The author's scholarship significantly advances that inquiry. This area is also important for the future of life on planet Earth, as the presently dominant political theories are leading us to an environmental catastrophe. I have long perceived the need for this kind of book." --Lester Milbrath, State University of New York at Buffalo

This book ...(Read More)
The Death of Industrial Civilization
The Death of Industrial Civilization (August 1990)
The Limits to Economic Growth and the Repoliticization of Advanced Industrial Society
Joel Jay Kassiola - Author

"Kassiola swims against the stream of modern thought, not only challenging its current course, but pointing in new directions and urging others to join the rethinking process." -- Lester W. Milbrath

"It fills a void in the literature on the future of industrial growth by synthesizing a tremendous amount of material into a coherent package. a first-rate book of intellectual brilliance." -- Dennis Pirages

The Death of Industrial Civ...(Read More)
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