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Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology, and Society Education
Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology, and Society Education (July 1992)
Dennis W. Cheek - Author

This book defines STS--science, technology, and society--education and discusses current thinking about its conceptual evolution. It synthesizes a broad range of research and thought in the history and philosophy of science and technology, STS studies, and education as they are informed by the the dual perspectives of cognitive and social psychology. A model for STS curriculum development in science, social studies, or technolog...(Read More)
Forms of Curriculum Inquiry
Forms of Curriculum Inquiry (July 1991)
Edmund C. Short - Editor

"This book represents a needed resource in the field of curriculum -- a handbook on research methodology. No other such book exists with a specific focus on curriculum research --does one exist with any such specific focus within the field of education to my knowledge. It will undoubtedly become a well-used reference book by students and scholars in curriculum. Two other very important strengths of the book are the extensive bibliography at the e...(Read More)
Toward Curriculum for Being
Toward Curriculum for Being (July 1991)
Voices of Educators
Louise M. Berman - Author
Francine H. Hultgren - Author
Diane Lee - Author
Mary S. Rivkin - Author
Jessie A. Roderick - Author

"The effect of this book is to communicate extremely well what it was like for each writer to move through the experience of understanding their own professional insights -- their curriculum for being. This has never been done before (to my knowledge) in a group context and with the intent of exhibiting the formal method of research by which this was done. It is at once personal, fascinating, profound, dramatic, and instructive." -- Edmund C...(Read More)
Reflections from the Heart of Educational Inquiry
Reflections from the Heart of Educational Inquiry (February 1991)
Understanding Curriculum and Teaching through the Arts
George Willis - Editor
William H. Schubert - Editor

"A fascinating book not only for curricularists but also for "liberal artists," i.e., those teaching in the humanities. It celebrates a connectedness rarely seen between theory and practice." -- Mary A. Doll, Holy Cross College, New Orleans

This unique book discusses and illustrates the ways the arts have influenced curriculum inquiry and the teaching and learning process. It is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on aest...(Read More)
The Politics of Curriculum Decision-Making
The Politics of Curriculum Decision-Making (January 1991)
Issues in Centralizing the Curriculum
M. Frances Klein - Editor

"This book addresses a major issue in the curriculum field that has not been addressed adequately in other sources. Well-documented chapters go beyond presentation of new materials and also offer provocative insights to and frameworks for analyzing the material." -- Dorothy Huenecke, Georgia State University

Recent proposals for school reform have involved a significant shift in how curriculum decisions are made, particularly at the state le...(Read More)
The Teacher-Curriculum Encounter
The Teacher-Curriculum Encounter (December 1990)
Freeing Teachers from the Tyranny of Texts
Miriam Ben-Peretz - Author

In this ground-breaking book the author analyzes the roles and functions of teachers as they use and construct curriculum materials. She presents a conceptual framework for interpreting different kinds of materials, for planning instructional settings based on these interpretations, and provides teachers with concepts and strategies that will enable them to use curriculum materials professionally and flexibly. The book addresses the need for more ...(Read More)
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