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Petty Capitalists and Globalization
Petty Capitalists and Globalization (March 2005)
Flexibility, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development
Alan Smart - Editor
Josephine Smart - Editor

Examines how small firms, like large ones, are mobilizing to compete in a global economy.

Globalization is often seen as driven by large corporations and supranational organizations. Enterprises operated by petty capitalists may be small, but there is nothing petty about their significance for the operation of economies or our understanding of contemporary societies, families, and localities. Petty Capitalism and Glob...(Read More)
Circle of Goods
Circle of Goods (January 2003)
Women, Work, and Welfare in a Reservation Community
Tressa Berman - Author

Studies how women in a reservation economy have creatively responded to federal policy.

Circle of Goods compiles the stories of Native American women and examines their kinship, wage work, and informal economies. Responding to the upheavals of reservation life brought about by federal policies—from commodity rations to welfare reform—Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara women, each with distinct histories and ...(Read More)
Culture, Economy, Power
Culture, Economy, Power (April 2002)
Anthropology as Critique, Anthropology as Praxis
Winnie Lem - Editor
Belinda Leach - Editor

Confronts major questions facing anthropology, Marxist theory, cultural studies, feminism, and history.

Grounded in a conviction that anthropological knowledge implies critique and that engaging in anthropology is also ultimately an act of praxis, various contributors explore the ways in which the precepts of Marxism continue to illuminate and enhance our understanding of culture, economy, and politics. They focus on the...(Read More)
Intentional Community
Intentional Community (December 2001)
An Anthropological Perspective
Susan Love Brown - Editor

Uses classical anthropological theory to understand “intentional communities” in the United States.

Although anthropologists have studied intentional communities in the past, they have seldom exerted a concerted effort to evaluate the intentional community in terms of the anthropological language of cultural change. Drawing from the work of Victor Turner, Gregory Bateson, and Anthony F. C. Wallace, Intent...(Read More)
Pigs, Profits, and Rural Communities
Pigs, Profits, and Rural Communities (July 1998)
Kendall M. Thu - Editor
E. Paul Durrenberger - Editor

Using the pork production industry as an example, this book illuminates the processes and consequences of agricultural industrialization for the social, economic, human, environmental, and political health of the rural United States.

This book illuminates the processes and consequences of agricultural industrialization, particularly within the swine production industry, for the social, economic, human, environmental, an...(Read More)
Symbols, Conflict, and Identity
Symbols, Conflict, and Identity (July 1993)
Essays in Political Anthropology
Zdzislaw Mach - Author

This book investigates cultural and social identity in contemporary complex societies, focusing especially on Eastern Europe. Mach explains the role of symbols and symbolic forms in he relations between groups and the protection and development of their identities, especially ethnic identity. He places his study within the context of social order and the structure of power, using case studies which deal especially with the significance of politics...(Read More)
Manaus (July 1991)
Social Life and Work in Brazil's Free Trade Zone
Leo A. Despres - Author

Manaus, an urban-industrial center in the Amazon, serves in this book as a microcosmic case of dependent capitalist development in Latin America. With the creation of a Free Trade Zone and a strong program of fiscal incentives in 1967, the Brazilian government initiated a large-scale project designed to establish an industrial pole in Manaus. This book is an anthropological study of the impact of this type of development on the economic, social, a...(Read More)
Refugees of a Hidden War
Refugees of a Hidden War (January 1988)
The Aftermath of Counterinsurgency in Guatemala
Beatriz Manz - Author

Political violence and military repression have displaced some two million people in Central America in the 1980s. While conflict elsewhere in Central America has received considerable attention, the war against an unarmed civilian population in Guatemala has largely been hidden from the outside world. The military have waged a particularly brutal and extensive counter-insurgency campaign, leaving thousands dead and prompting several hundred thous...(Read More)
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