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Divided Loyalties
Divided Loyalties (September 1994)
The Public and Private Life of Labor Leader John Mitchell
Craig Phelan - Author

"(A) very welcome and impressive biography of John Mitchell. If Mitchell was in danger of becoming one of the forgotten leaders of American labor history, this book will rescue him....This clear and readable book....casts light on Mitchell's private life too, using a wide range of archival material with deft skill. It deserves, and will surely achieve, a wide and enthusiastic readership." -- Journal of American History

"This is the fi...(Read More)
Democratic Miners
Democratic Miners (April 1994)
Work and Labor Relations in the Anthracite Coal Industry, 1875-1925
Perry K. Blatz - Author

“Perry K. Blatz has written a solid account of labor-management relations in the anthracite coal fields. It is a study that vividly displays the dynamic interrelationship between capital, labor, and the state on a regional basis....It is well-researched, well-written, and a much-needed study of an important period of American labor history.” —American Historical Review

“I heartily recommend this bo...(Read More)
The Gentle General
The Gentle General (October 1993)
Rose Pesotta, Anarchist and Labor Organizer
Elaine Leeder - Author

"This biography is long overdue." -- David Porter, State University of New York, Empire State College

This is the first major biography of Rose Pesotta, the organizer and vice president of the International Ladies Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU) from 1933 to 1944. After moving to the United States from the Ukraine in 1913, Pesotta became involved in the resurgence of the garment workers' industry, women's labor colleges, and labor activism. ...(Read More)
Poor Women and Their Families
Poor Women and Their Families (January 1992)
Hard Working Charity Cases, 1900-1930
Beverly Stadum - Author

"This book conveys information of the greatest significance to scholars in the field of U. S. Women's History. Almost nothing has been written about this topic. This book brings us a cogently argued interpretation of women charity recipients in terms of their lives as mothers, as workers, and as wives." -- Kathryn Kish Sklar, State University of New York at Binghamton

This book brings to life early-century counterparts of urban wom...(Read More)
More Profile Than Courage
More Profile Than Courage (July 1990)
The New York City Transit Strike of 1966
Michael Marmo - Author

The New York City Transit Strike of 1966 occurred during the formative period of labor relations between government and municipal employees, and served as an impetus to convince legislators in many jurisdictions that legislation was needed to regulate public sector bargaining.

Marmo analyzes the role of the media in public sector bargaining, and demonstrates how heavy reliance and manipulation of the media by interested parties affected the o...(Read More)
Agitprop: The Life of an American Working-Class Radical
Agitprop: The Life of an American Working-Class Radical (June 1990)
The Autobiography of Eugene V. Dennett
Eugene V. Dennett - Author

“It is the uniqueness of the document which makes it important. One can dispute Dennett's interpretations, but they are his. And he has paid a heavy cost to maintain them. The struggle, and the sacrifice, come through with great clarity. He sees what he did, what he might have done, and what mistakes he made. Unlike intellectuals (of any ideological orientation, for that matter) he neither exploits nor rationalizes his experiences. This i...(Read More)
Fleeting Opportunities
Fleeting Opportunities (May 1990)
Women Shipyard Workers in Portland and Vancouver During World War II and Reconversion
Amy Kesselman - Author

"The real strength of this book is the careful reconstruction of the daily lives of the wartime women both on the job and in the community. The author takes us into that inner world of events and experiences, by way of the oral testimony of the workers themselves." -- Pete Hoefer, AFL-CIO

This book tells the story of the daily lives of women industrial workers in World War II shipyards. It focuses on their struggle against the persistence o...(Read More)
Labor Divided
Labor Divided (March 1990)
Race and Ethnicity in United States Labor Struggles, 1835-1960
Robert Asher - Editor
Charles Stephenson - Editor

Labor Divided is the first anthology on race, ethnicity and the history of American working-class struggles to give substantial attention to the experiences of African-American, Asian, and Hispanic workers as well as to the experiences of workers from European backgrounds. The essays in Labor Divided cover a time period of more than a century. They focus on the experiences of service workers as well as factory workers, women as well ...(Read More)
Vito Marcantonio
Vito Marcantonio (September 1989)
Radical Politician, 1902-1954
Gerald Meyer - Author

Explores Vito Marcantonio’s unique status as a radical politician from New York City.

This is the first study to fully explore Marcantonio's unique status as a radical politician who, despite massive opposition, held high public office for fourteen years. As congressional representative to Harlem, he became the leader of the most important third party in the United States, the American Labor Party, and achieved ...(Read More)
New York City Artisan, The, 1789-1825
New York City Artisan, The, 1789-1825 (August 1989)
A Documentary History
Howard B. Rock - Author

"This book does more than fill a gap; it provides the opportunity to give general readers and students deeper insights into the working lives, problems, cultural conflicts and citizenship affairs of ordinary New Yorkers." --Graham R. Hodges, Colgate University

This is the first collection of primary sources by and about artisans in the early national era. In a number of ways it is as significant as the many volumes by the found...(Read More)
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