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Women's Lives/Women's Times
Women's Lives/Women's Times (May 1997)
New Essays on Auto/Biography
Trev Lynn Broughton - Editor
Linda Anderson - Editor

Points to the many ways in which the study of autobiography can contribute to the theory, practice, and politics of women’s studies as curriculum, and to feminist theory more generally.

“What I like most about this book is the fine balance between theory and pedagogy it achieves. The theoretical discussions are carefully developed, thoughtful, and richly provocative, drawing on complex theories to unpack the subtlet...(Read More)
A Woman Wanders Through Life and Science
A Woman Wanders Through Life and Science (January 1997)
Irena Koprowska - Author

Irena Koprowska's autobiography illuminates the struggles of a young immigrant woman to combine family responsibilities and a demanding medical career.

Irena Koprowska's autobiography chronicles the life and struggles of an immigrant woman who successfully pursued a career while raising a family. In the process, she became an award-winning physician, professor, and research pioneer at a time in history when it was believ...(Read More)
Florence Nightingale in Egypt and Greece
Florence Nightingale in Egypt and Greece (December 1996)
Her Diary and "Visions"
Michael D. Calabria - Author

A remarkable spiritual testimony, this complete transcription of Florence Nightingale's hitherto-unpublished diary (recorded during visits to Egypt and Greece in 1850) reveals the troubled period during which she finally realized that the answer to her call from God lay in service to humanity.

Prior to her heroic efforts in nursing during the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale experienced tremendous psychological and spir...(Read More)
Called to Healing
Called to Healing (July 1996)
Reflections on the Power of Earth's Stories in Women's Lives
Jean Troy-Smith - Author

Advocates and demonstrates women's path to personal wholeness and self-healing through an eco-feminist, reader-response analysis of four fictional narratives.

Women's paths to personal wholeness and self-healing are explored through an eco-feminist, reader-response analysis of four fictional narratives. Included in these are Mary Austin, Harriette Arnow, Ellen Galford, Ibis Gomez-Vega, Sally Carrighar.

"This biography is an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to understand the extraordinary life and work of C. L. R. James. It is thoroughly researched, based on primary sources as well as a very wide range of secondary materials, and a careful, subtle reading of James'prolific writings; yet it ...(Read More)
Where "Something Catches" (October 1995)
Work, Love, and Identity in Youth
Victoria I. Munoz - Author

Helps people working with youth think in new ways about the relationships between work, love, and identity and how these interact within the socio-political processes of class, race, gender, and sexuality.

"This book offers stunning insights into the formation of identity. In a language that is at once Munoz's own--even as she acknowledges and extends the languages of others (notably women theorists of color, artists, po...(Read More)
Will to Live
Will to Live (September 1995)
One Family's Story of Surviving the Holocaust
Adam Starkopf - Author

This book is the story of a Jewish family's survival in Nazi-occupied Poland by assuming "Aryan" identities.
This story of a Jewish family's survival in Nazi-occupied Poland by assuming "Aryan" identities shows the Starkopf family's courage and tremendous will to live. The book documents their journey from Warsaw to the immediate vicinity of one of the most frightful places on earth--the Treblinka death camp. The Starkopfs survive on fa...(Read More)
Volupte (July 1995)
The Sensual Man
Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve - Author
Marilyn Gaddis Rose - Translator

This is the first English translation of a pre-Freudian psychological novel. The narrator victimizes women while feeling victimized by his own sensuality.

Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve (1804-69), who ruled French letters in the nineteenth century, established biographical analysis as a critical method. His own fictionalized biography was Volupte (1834), translated here for the first time. It is at once a roman a clef...(Read More)
The Redemption of Tragedy
The Redemption of Tragedy (January 1995)
The Literary Vision of Simone Weil
Katherine T. Brueck - Author

Simone Weil's supernaturalist interpretations of tragedy challenge not only the philosophical skepticism but also the religious rationalism characteristic of the modern age.

"Brueck argues that Weil allows us to see in tragedies a 'heartrending but purposeful world order' at work; mystery, not absurdity, suprarational good rather than chaos or irrationality. This book contributed to my understanding and reading of tragedy." -- Christine Ann ...(Read More)
Women Leading In Education
Women Leading In Education (November 1994)
Diane M. Dunlap - Editor
Patricia A. Schmuck - Editor

"This book is a remarkable and much needed volume that documents and celebrates women's experiences in educational leadership. The volume is much more than a collection of women's voices: it is a wonderful chorus. The voices are consistently clear, caring, illuminating, and feminist. Men and women who read this will have a better understanding of women's experiences of leading in education and an increased appreciation for those experiences. Further...(Read More)
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