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A Community of One
A Community of One (August 1993)
Masculine Autobiography and Autonomy in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Martin A. Danahay - Author

Complementing recent feminist studies of female self-representation, this book examines the dynamics of masculine self-representation in nineteenth-century British literature. Arguing that the category "autobiography" was a product of nineteenth-century individualism, the author analyzes the dependence of the nineteenth-century masculine subject on autonomy or self-naming as the prerequisite for the composition of a life history. The masculine aut...(Read More)
The Education of Fanny Lewald
The Education of Fanny Lewald (November 1992)
An Autobiography
Fanny Lewald - Author
Hanna Ballin Lewis - Editor/translator

The Education of Fanny Lewald is the autobiography of the most popular and prolific German woman writer of her period (1811-1889). The author of more than fifty books of fiction, travel memoirs, and articles about current events, Lewald was a friend or acquaintance of many of the prominent intellectual, artistic, and political figures of nineteenth-century Europe. Her autobiography is clearly and engagingly written. We see her developing f...(Read More)
Story of My Life
Story of My Life (July 1991)
The Autobiography of George Sand
George Sand - Author
Thelma Jurgrau - Editor/translator

"George Sand's Story of My Life is much more than the autobiography of an extraordinary woman, although it is surely also that. It is the story of a century of French history as lived through the experiences and fates of three generations, the tumultuous history of the birth of modern France and the transformation of a society.

"The translation of Sand's Story is excellent. Coordinated by Thelma Jurgrau...(Read More)
Agitprop: The Life of an American Working-Class Radical
Agitprop: The Life of an American Working-Class Radical (June 1990)
The Autobiography of Eugene V. Dennett
Eugene V. Dennett - Author

“It is the uniqueness of the document which makes it important. One can dispute Dennett's interpretations, but they are his. And he has paid a heavy cost to maintain them. The struggle, and the sacrifice, come through with great clarity. He sees what he did, what he might have done, and what mistakes he made. Unlike intellectuals (of any ideological orientation, for that matter) he neither exploits nor rationalizes his experiences. This i...(Read More)
The Last Maharani of Gwalior
The Last Maharani of Gwalior (September 1987)
An Autobiography
Vijaya R. Scindia - Editor
Manohar Malgonkar - Author

This is a description of contemporary India and some of its recent history in the form of an autobiography. Rajmata Scindia is a member of the Indian Parliament. As a maharani she had thousands of servants and several enormous palaces. Since Independence, which marked the end of the supremacy of the Maharajas, she has emerged as one of India's most popular political leaders, first with the Congress party and now with the opposition. Her appeal to th...(Read More)
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