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Memoirs of the Future
Memoirs of the Future (January 2001)
W. Warren Wagar - Author

Explores the life and work of W. Warren Wagar.

Memoirs of the Future is an intellectual autobiography, tracing the life and work of its author as a futurist, from his childhood writings on the belief in progress to his studies of ideas of the future in nineteenth- and twentieth-century thought to his fictional scenario of the next 200 years, A Short History of the Future. It concludes with some ...(Read More)
Rewinding the Tape
Rewinding the Tape (January 2000)
Memoirs of Marianne Wallenberg
Marianne Wallenberg - Author

Marianne Wallenberg’s life story.

The fascinating story of Marianne’s life from its beginning in Munich, then in Paris, Milan, London, New York, and finally Binghamton. How the Binghamton Symphony (Philharmonic) got its start, its concerts with the choral society, the Bach Cantata evenings at the Wallenberg home—all candidly described from an insider’s point of view.

A Gl...(Read More)
Contexts (January 1999)
An Unauthorized Autobiography
Irving Zupnick - Author

The autobiography of painter and Binghamton University professor Dr. Irving Zupnick, who served in Panama in World War II, then studied Art History at Columbia Teachers College in the 1950s.

A Global Academic Publishing Book

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