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When Push Comes to Shove
When Push Comes to Shove (November 1998)
A Routine Conflict Approach to Violence
Leslie W. Kennedy - Author
David R. Forde - Author

Provides a comprehensive look at violence as rooted in routine conflict in daily social interactions.

When Push Comes to Shove examines the ways in which people define and respond to confrontations and interpersonal dilemmas in their lives. It includes insights from constructionist, interactionist, and criminal event perspectives to present the situational factors that contribute to conflict. The recent revelatio...(Read More)
The Violence Mythos
The Violence Mythos (October 1997)
Barbara Whitmer - Author

Presents a powerful thesis on the nature and significance of violence and its mythos in Western culture, and offers an alternative interactive mythos that bridges the mind/body split inherent to most theories of violence.

The Violence Mythos presents us with a powerful thesis on the nature and significance of violence in human society. It develops its argument with passion and concern, combined with a lucid and sensitive intelli...(Read More)
When Women Kill
When Women Kill (February 1996)
Coramae Richey Mann - Author

A fascinating profile of female homicide offenders emerges from this analysis of the characteristics of women murderers in six cities in the United States, including the circumstances of the murders, the role of the victims, the role of the perpetrators, and their fates in court.

The volume explores every aspect of females who murdered--from arrest through sentencing--and provides descriptions of ecological and other cir...(Read More)
Preparing Convicts for Law-Abiding Lives
Preparing Convicts for Law-Abiding Lives (November 1995)
The Pioneering Penology of Richard A. McGee
Daniel Glaser - Author

This analysis of corrections' pioneer Richard A. McGee draws upon his many lucid writings, on comments by those who worked closely with him, and on interviews with McGee himself and others. This book interprets his efforts, accomplishments, and limitations in their historical context, yet relates them all to current possibilities and problems in crime control.

In 23 years of directing California corrections, and in his national leadership tha...(Read More)
Fear of Crime
Fear of Crime (March 1995)
Interpreting Victimization Risk
Kenneth F. Ferraro - Author

This is an examination of the factors that contribute to the risk of being victimized, such as crime rates and environmental and personal variables.
"This is the first study of its kind to use national data to examine the risk and fear of crime across various types of victimizations--types of crime. This book examines relationships between official crime risk, perceived risk, and fear of crime among various demographic categories, within...(Read More)
A World of Opportunities
A World of Opportunities (February 1995)
Lifestyle and Economic Behavior of Heroin Addicts in Amsterdam
Martin Grapendaal - Author
Ed Leuw - Author
Hans Nelen - Author

This book examines the policies of the Dutch toward illicit drug use and the effect these policies have had on heroin addicts and drug-related crime.
In many countries, the debate on drug issues has turned into polarization between legalization and prohibition. This book provides a third strategy, a "compromise" between the two extreme positions.
The Netherlands, particularly its capital Amsterdam, is known for its relatively tolerant...(Read More)
Ethnicity, Race, and Crime
Ethnicity, Race, and Crime (February 1995)
Perspectives Across Time and Place
Darnell F. Hawkins - Editor

This book examines both historical and contemporary patterns of crime and justice among white ethnics and nonwhite racial groups in the United States.

Researchers have long noted that rates of reported crime and punishment are higher for some ethnic and racial groups in the U.S. than for others. Comparatively high rates of crime have been reported for white ethnic Americans during the past and some groups of racial minorities today. These ob...(Read More)
Policing Under Fire
Policing Under Fire (December 1994)
Ethnic Conflict and Police-Community Relations in Northern Ireland
Ronald Weitzer - Author

This is a study of the conditions present in an ethnically divided society that affect police-community relations.

This book examines police-community relations in an ethnically divided society, focusing on the attitudes and experiences of the Catholic minority and the Protestant majority, and the lower-class and middle-class sections of those populations. These groups attach great importance to, but are often polarized over, issues o...(Read More)
The Currents of Lethal Violence
The Currents of Lethal Violence (October 1994)
An Integrated Model of Suicide and Homicide
N. Prabha Unnithan - Author
Lin Huff-Corzine - Author
Jay Corzine - Author
Hugh P. Whitt - Author

Building on past work, the authors outline an integrated model for linking suicide and homicide and show how that research from this perspective can further our understanding of violence. Specifically, they show that research based on this model provides new insights into how structural and cultural factors combine to produce high homicide levels in the American South and cross-national difference in lethal violence rates. In conclusion, they eval...(Read More)
Terrorism in America
Terrorism in America (January 1994)
Pipe Bombs and Pipe Dreams
Brent L. Smith - Author

"This is a much needed text dealing specifically with terrorism in the United States. The legal and political material is particularly useful, and the painstaking studies of groups and individuals make it a very useful tool for law enforcement, criminal justice, or political science students." -- Stephen G. O'Brien, Macomb Community College

Using extensive records from federal district courts, national archives, the U.S. Senten...(Read More)
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