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Fighting for Girls
Fighting for Girls (September 2010)
New Perspectives on Gender and Violence
Meda Chesney-Lind - Editor
Nikki Jones - Editor

Cutting-edge research into trends and social contexts of girls’ violence.

Have girls really gone wild? Despite the media fascination with “bad girls,” facts beyond the hype have remained unclear. Fighting for Girls focuses on these facts, and using the best data available about actual trends in girls’ uses of violence, the scholars here find that by virtually any measur...(Read More)
Ideologies of Forgetting
Ideologies of Forgetting (March 2010)
Rape in the Vietnam War
Gina Marie Weaver - Author

First book to study rape and sexual abuse of Vietnamese women by U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War.

Rape has long been a part of war, and recent conflicts in Bosnia, Rwanda, and Darfur demonstrate that it may be becoming an even more integral strategy of modern warfare. In contrast to the media attention to sexual violence against women in these recent conflicts, however, the incidence and consequences of rape i...(Read More)
Toward a Credible Pacifism
Toward a Credible Pacifism (September 2009)
Violence and the Possibilities of Politics
Dustin Ells Howes - Author

Argues that violence is no more reliable than any other means of conducting politics.

Advocates of pacifism usually stake their position on the moral superiority of nonviolence and have generally been reluctant or unwilling to concede that violence can be an effective means of conducting politics. In this compelling new work, which draws its examples from both everyday experience and the history of Western political...(Read More)
Family Violence
Family Violence (January 2009)
Communication Processes
Dudley D. Cahn - Editor

Contributors engage the communication issues associated with violence in families, including interspousal violence and violent parents and children.

Although the United States has a high level of affluence and education compared to much of the rest of the world, neither wealth nor schooling ensures personal safety, particularly within the family and home. Every ten seconds, a child is beaten, neglected, or molested...(Read More)
Race and Police Brutality
Race and Police Brutality (November 2008)
Roots of an Urban Dilemma
Malcolm D. Holmes - Author
Brad W. Smith - Author

Disputes standard explanations of police brutality against minority citizens to offer new insights and suggestions on dealing with this problem.

What causes police brutality, and why are minority citizens the primary victims? Social scientists often attribute the behavior to poorly managed police departments, bad cops, or the interests of the powerful in controlling minorities perceived as criminal threats. Malcolm...(Read More)
Black Haze
Black Haze (January 2004)
Violence, Sacrifice, and Manhood in Black Greek-Letter Fraternities
Ricky L. Jones - Author

The first book solely devoted to the subject of black fraternity hazing.

As a fraternity member, past chapter president, and former national committee representative, Ricky L. Jones is uniquely qualified to write about the sometimes deadly world of black fraternity hazing. Examining five major black Greek-letter fraternities, Jones maintains that hazing rituals within these fraternities are more deeply ingrained, phys...(Read More)
Brickyards to Graveyards
Brickyards to Graveyards (September 2002)
From Production to Genocide in Rwanda
Villia Jefremovas - Author

Explores how the conditions that shaped Rwanda's labor organization and industries also shaped Rwanda's genocide.

Brickyards to Graveyards examines how the overidealized picture of Rwanda as the darling of the world community in the 1980s was shattered amidst the genocide that occurred a decade later. The brick and tile industries of Rwanda provide a microcosm to examine the transformation of gender, class, and ...(Read More)
Femicidal Fears
Femicidal Fears (October 2001)
Narratives of the Female Gothic Experience
Helene Meyers - Author

Argues that contemporary female Gothic novels of death can, in fact, breathe new life into feminist debates about victimization, essentialism, agency, and the body.

In Femicidal Fears,
Helene Meyers examines contemporary femicidal plots—plots in which women are killed or fear for their lives—to argue that these female Gothic novels of death actually bring the nuances of feminist thought to life. Through her...(Read More)
With My Profound Reverence for the Victims
With My Profound Reverence for the Victims (September 2001)
George Bellows
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art - Author

Lithographs by American painter George Bellows, depicting the horrors and atrocities of World War I.

In the spring of 1918, American painter George Bellows (1882–1925) began a series of lithographs that focused on the atrocities committed by the Germans in Belgium during the First World War. This exhibition catalogue features prints from the War Series as well as six rarely seen lithographs that comment ...(Read More)

Teaching to Transcend
Teaching to Transcend (July 2000)
Educating Women against Violence
Cheryl L. Sattler - Author

Examines teaching and learning in shelters for battered women.

Teaching to Transcend explores a particular kind of safe space for the education of women: domestic violence shelters. Women in shelters are literally taught concepts from self-worth to financial management, parenting, and feminist values of equality and rights. They also learn more subtly through counseling, interaction, and affirmation of their own stories and surv...(Read More)
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