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Saving Troy
Saving Troy (November 2009)
A Year with Firefighters and Paramedics in a Battered City
William B. Patrick - Author
Richard Selzer - Foreword by

A powerful account of the hazards, challenges, and dangers faced by America’s first-responders.

“This is on-the-scene reporting at its best. Bill Patrick has written a suspenseful account of the heroic, often tragic working lives of the firemen of the city of Troy, their comradeship, and their concern for the suffering of the victims. It is as fast-paced as a fire engine racing to put out the flames. Altogether ...(Read More)
Transporting Atlanta
Transporting Atlanta (July 2009)
The Mode of Mobility under Construction
Miriam Konrad - Author

Examines the dynamics of Atlanta’s transportation crisis.

America’s worsening nightmare of gridlock is given full attention in this illuminating study of the transportation crisis in Atlanta. Inconveniences and hardships created by too many automobiles and too few alternatives for movement have reached untenable levels. Miriam Konrad investigates three major transportation projects involving public tran...(Read More)
Follow the Money
Follow the Money (March 2009)
Who Controls New York City Mayors?
Lynne A. Weikart - Author

Reveals the powerful influence of financial elites on New York City’s mayors.

The critical influence of bankers and credit agencies on the mayors of the Big Apple comes to light in this fascinating study. Lynne A. Weikart reveals how financial elites in New York City have exploited recurring fiscal crises and sharply curtailed the range of choices open to mayors in setting priorities and implementing fiscal ...(Read More)
Global Neighborhoods
Global Neighborhoods (September 2008)
Jewish Quarters in Paris, London, and Berlin
Michel S. Laguerre - Author

Looks at how contemporary Jewish neighborhoods interact with both local and transnational influences.

Global Neighborhoods analyzes the organization of everyday life and the social integration of contemporary Jewish neighborhoods in Paris, London, and Berlin. Concentrating on the post-Holocaust era, Michel S. Laguerre explains how each urban diasporic site has followed a different path of development infl...(Read More)

Now Playing
Now Playing (April 2008)
Early Moviegoing and the Regulation of Fun
Paul S. Moore - Author

2009 Gertrude J. Robinson Book Prize presented by the Canadian Communication Association

Locates the origins of the mass audience and the emergence of everyday moviegoing in the culture of cities.

Using Toronto as a case study, and focusing on a period from the opening of the first theaters showcasing moving pictures in 1906 to the end of World War I, Now Playing locates the origin...(Read More)
Economic Development in American Cities
Economic Development in American Cities (July 2007)
The Pursuit of an Equity Agenda
Michael I. J. Bennett - Editor
Robert P. Giloth - Editor

Evaluates the impact of equity investments in five cities during the 1990s.

Economic Development in American Cities addresses the roles of municipal leaders and civic partners in promoting social equity by examining the experiences of five American cities in the 1990s—Austin, Cleveland, Rochester, Savannah, and Seattle. These five cities were chosen for their activist municipal administrations, robust po...(Read More)
Impossible Democracy
Impossible Democracy (July 2007)
The Unlikely Success of the War on Poverty Community Action Programs
Noel A. Cazenave - Author

HONABLE MENTION - 2008 Gustavus Myers Book Award, presented by the Gustavus Myers Center for Human Rights in North America

Explores how community action programs used federal funds to sponsor social protest—based community reform.

Impossible Democracy challenges the conventional wisdom that the War on Poverty failed, by exploring the unlikely success of its community action p...(Read More)
The Sociology of Spatial Inequality
The Sociology of Spatial Inequality (May 2007)
Linda M. Lobao - Editor
Gregory Hooks - Editor
Ann R. Tickamyer - Editor

2007 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

A sociological look at the role of space in inequality.

Sociologists have too often discounted the role of space in inequality. This book showcases a recent generation of inquiry that attends to poverty, prosperity, and power across a range of territories and their populations within the United States, addressing spatial inequality as a thematically d...(Read More)

The Cost of Being Poor
The Cost of Being Poor (July 2005)
A Comparative Study of Life in Poor Urban Neighborhoods in Gary, Indiana
Sandra L. Barnes - Author

Looks at the daily lives of poor people to demonstrate that the poor pay more than others, by both monetary and other measures, to meet basic needs.

While the negative effects of urban poverty are well documented, the everyday experiences of urban residents are often absent or secondary in urban studies research. The Cost of Being Poor rectifies this problem by examining both the noneconomic and the often-overloo...(Read More)
Desegregating the City
Desegregating the City (May 2005)
Ghettos, Enclaves, and Inequality
David P. Varady - Editor

Multidisciplinary perspectives on segregation in the United States and other developed countries.

Desegregating the City takes a global, multidisciplinary look at segregation and the strengths and weaknesses of different antisegregation strategies in the United States and other developed countries. In contrast to previous works focusing exclusively on racial ghettos (products of coercion), this book also disc...(Read More)
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