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Ideology and the Urban Crisis
Ideology and the Urban Crisis (June 1985)
Peter J. Steinberger - Author

Ideology and the Urban Crisis explores the philosophical underpinnings of the contemporary debate surrounding the urban crisis. It examines three major ideologies of American city politics by uncovering and analyzing the philosophical presuppositions of each as derived from the history of political thought. The book also explores writings influenced by the Marxist/radical paradigm, examines the revival of classical approaches to the city, a...(Read More)
High Hopes
High Hopes (June 1984)
The Rise and Decline of Buffalo, New York
Mark Goldman - Author

In 1901 Buffalo was the national symbol of the country's optimism, pride, and braggadocio. Toward the close of the century, it epitomizes the sense of economic and demographic crisis prevalent in American industrial cities.

High Hopes analyzes and interprets the historical forces--external and internal-- that have shaped New York's second largest city. It examines the historical shifts that have served as a catalyst in...(Read More)
Professionals and Urban Form
Professionals and Urban Form (June 1984)
Judith R. Blau - Editor
Mark E. La Gory - Editor
John S. Pipkin - Editor

Professionals and Urban Form departs from the usual way of studying the city to examine the chief professions responsible for designing urban places—planning and architecture. Not often treated together, they are here combined to highlight common problems and lines of convergence between the two.

The architects, planners, and social scientists who contributed to this book concern themselves with the inter...(Read More)
Revitalizing America's Cities
Revitalizing America's Cities (June 1984)
Neighborhood Reinvestment and Displacement
Michael H. Schill - Author
Richard P. Nathan - Author

In many American cities, middle and upper income people are moving into neighborhoods that had previously suffered disinvestment and decay. The new residents renovate housing, stimulate business, and contribute to the tax base. These benefits of neighborhood revitalization are, in some cases, achieved at a potentially serious cost: the displacement of existing neighborhood residents by eviction, condominium conversion, or as a result of rent incr...(Read More)
The Remaking of Pittsburgh
The Remaking of Pittsburgh (June 1984)
Class and Culture in an Industrializing City, 1877-1919
Francis G. Couvares - Author

What forces transformed a community in which industrial workers and other citizens exercised a real measure of power over their lives into a metropolis whose inhabitants were utterly dependent on Big Steel? How did a city that fervidly embraced the labor struggle of 1877 turn into the city which so fiercely repudiated the labor struggle of 1919?

The Remaking of Pittsburgh is the history of this transformation. The cu...(Read More)
A Sort of Utopia
A Sort of Utopia (June 1983)
Scarsdale, 1891-1981
Carol A. O'Connor - Author

Scarsdale, New York, is a small community with a large reputation. Long before it had gained general recognition as a source of fad diets and the presumed site of sensational murders, it was well-known in upper-middle-class circles for the rigor of its zoning, the excellence of its schools, the splendor of its houses, and the wealth of its residents. Indeed, Scarsdale is, what one observer has called, “a sort of utopia”—a capitalistic...(Read More)
Population/Urban Future
Population/Urban Future (June 1983)
P. Hauser - Author

By the end of the twentieth century, over half of the world’s population will be urban. The urban future will in large measure determine the world future. In the next two decades the world will undergo, as a result of the urbanization process, the most radical changes that it has ever experienced in social, economic, and political life.

Historically, the city has often been the place where civilizat...(Read More)
Running in the Red
Running in the Red (June 1983)
The Political Dynamics of Urban Fiscal Stress
Irene S. Rubin - Author

This case study of a politically reformed, middle-sized Midwestern city provides a model of fiscal stress that contrasts sharply with that of America's vast metropolitan centers. Dr. Rubin examines the interaction of social, political, and economic causes of the city's predicament. She then goes on to analyze the specific factors that solved the city's problems over a six-year period. Finally, she offers a self-correcting mechanism that would all...(Read More)
Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: Volume V, 1921-1941
Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: Volume V, 1921-1941 (June 1978)
Elder Statesman
Louis D. Brandeis - Author
Melvin I. Urofsky - Editor
David W. Levy - Editor

Covers the later years of his life, closing with his death.

This volume, which opens after the great schism in the Zionist movement and closes with Brandeis’s death, depicts him trying, in a variety of ways, to make the world a better place. Once again, the scope of his interests and the intensity of his involvement is astounding. He writes on Zionism, Palestine, the liberal press, economics, the Universi...(Read More)
Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: Volume IV, 1916-1921
Letters of Louis D. Brandeis: Volume IV, 1916-1921 (June 1975)
Mr. Justice Brandeis
Louis D. Brandeis - Author
Melvin I. Urofsky - Editor
David W. Levy - Editor

These letters represent the closest Brandeis ever came to an autobiography.

The letters in this volume are easily the most intrinsically interesting of any that Louis D. Brandeis ever wrote. The excitement and quality of drama which these letters convey spring from the exciting and dramatic events which called them forth. On January 28, 1916, President Wilson stunned the nation by nominating Brandeis to the Sup...(Read More)
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