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On Being Buddha
On Being Buddha (September 1994)
The Classical Doctrine of Buddhahood
Paul J. Griffiths - Author

The book's analysis is based almost entirely upon original sources in their original languages. All extracts discussed are translated into English and the book is accessible to nonspecialists, while still treating material that has not been much discussed by western scholars.

"The book raises fundamental issues concerning not only Buddhist ways of conceptualizing divinity but human ways in general of doing so. It provides remarkable new in...(Read More)
On Understanding Buddhists
On Understanding Buddhists (July 1993)
Essays on the Theravada Tradition in Sri Lanka
John Ross Carter - Author

Carter unfolds the cumulative traditions of Theravada Buddhism by showing how one "looks at the world through Buddhist eyes." Presenting evidence from the Buddhist heritage in Sri Lanka, he develops a disciplined, inclusive approach to understanding notions of ethical living and "faith,"or how individuals live life religiously. The author examines Buddhism as a worldview, reviewing the process of its origins and the development of its important co...(Read More)
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