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The Teacher as Expert
The Teacher as Expert (January 1992)
A Theoretical and Historical Examination
Robert Welker - Author

"The question of expertise in teaching runs to the heart of what we have become as a society. Experts are everywhere. What this means and whether this is a good thing are matters that need to be debated. Welker tells us that technology is not enough, and suggests that in teaching, as elsewhere, we can never get by without human judgment and deliberation over values. Welker serves to remind us that even the advocates of specializations and techni...(Read More)
The Tact of Teaching
The Tact of Teaching (August 1991)
The Meaning of Pedagogical Thoughtfulness
Max van Manen - Author

This book is a welcome antidote to the preponderance of psychological texts that paint adult-child interactions as a series of discrete tasks and skills. While acknowledging the place of traditional skills approaches, van Manen openly, directly, and wholeheartedly addresses those dimensions of relationships that psychology cannot handle, primary among which is the elusive ability to be with children in a way that makes personal growth possible." --...(Read More)
Reflections from the Heart of Educational Inquiry
Reflections from the Heart of Educational Inquiry (February 1991)
Understanding Curriculum and Teaching through the Arts
George Willis - Editor
William H. Schubert - Editor

"A fascinating book not only for curricularists but also for "liberal artists," i.e., those teaching in the humanities. It celebrates a connectedness rarely seen between theory and practice." -- Mary A. Doll, Holy Cross College, New Orleans

This unique book discusses and illustrates the ways the arts have influenced curriculum inquiry and the teaching and learning process. It is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on aest...(Read More)
Practice Makes Practice
Practice Makes Practice (January 1991)
A Critical Study of Learning to Teach
Deborah P. Britzman - Author

Centering on the lived experiences of student teachers, this book sends out rays of surprising light towards the enterprise of teacher education today. Doing so, it transfigures what is often conceived of as a nesting of commonplaces.

"This book will make the life of the educator harder and more tonic; it will urge the reader to confront the contradictory and the tension. But it will also disclose the unexpected. Education will be viewe...(Read More)
Creating Spaces and Finding Voices
Creating Spaces and Finding Voices (July 1990)
Teachers Collaborating for Empowerment
Janet L. Miller - Author

"This is an engaging, compelling, account of something that is much discussed though rarely tried, namely, teachers as researchers and teachers collaborating on a project of empowerment. Beautifully written and fully documented." -- William Ayers, University of Illinois at Chicago

This book follows the shared journey of five classroom teachers and a university professor as they together examine the possibilities and dilemmas of collaborative ...(Read More)
On Literacy and Its Teaching
On Literacy and Its Teaching (July 1990)
Issues in English Education
Gail E. Hawisher - Editor
Anna O. Soter - Editor

"I like this book most for its attempt to link professional concerns, research and theory. It brings us beyond simplistic dichotomies, skills-based approaches to evaluation, testing, teaching, and knowing. All teachers, but particularly pre-service teachers, should be made aware of these complexities." -- Susan Hynds, Syracuse University

This book recognizes and embraces the complexities of modern English teaching. It presents English tea...(Read More)
Politics of Education
Politics of Education (July 1990)
Essays from Radical Teacher
Susan Gushee O'Malley - Editor
Robert C. Rosen - Editor
Leonard Vogt - Editor
Michael W. Apple - Foreword by

This book brings together thirty of the best essays from Radical Teacher. The journal is devoted to feminist and socialist approaches to teaching--to showing teachers how to democratize the classroom and empower students.

The articles included here have been chosen for their continuing usefulness to school and college teachers with emphasis on critical pedagogy as well as radical course content. These essays prov...(Read More)
Critical Pedagogy, the State, and Cultural Struggle
Critical Pedagogy, the State, and Cultural Struggle (July 1989)
Henry A. Giroux - Editor
Peter L. McLaren - Editor

Schools have been traditionally defined as institutions of instruction, but the authors of this volume challenge that position in order to generate a new set of cultural categories and constructs through which the nature and process of schooling can be more appropriately understood. Giroux and McLaren develop a theory of schooling that takes into account not only the more traditional relationship between teaching and learning, but also the import o...(Read More)
The Professors of Teaching
The Professors of Teaching (April 1989)
An Inquiry
Richard Wisniewski - Editor
Edward R. Ducharme - Editor

"This is a book which will give no comfort--either to the enemies of the education professoriate (whose bad-tempered criticisms are not supported by hard evidence), or to its members (who may have only a little time to set their rambling house in order)." -- Harry Judge from the Introduction

In The Professors of Teaching nine scholars pool their insights and their divergent experiences within the profession to discuss and elucid...(Read More)
Profiles of Preservice Teacher Education
Profiles of Preservice Teacher Education (March 1989)
Inquiry into the Nature of Programs
Kenneth R. Howey - Editor
Nancy L. Zimpher - Editor

The authors allow students and faculty to speak in their own voices to tell the story of how teachers are prepared for their important roles as educators of the nation's children. This book provides in-depth, personal descriptions of how elementary teachers are prepared in six diverse schools and colleges of education, ranging from the program in a small liberal arts college to those embedded in major research-oriented universities. The richly wov...(Read More)
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