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Looking for Home
Looking for Home (August 1994)
A Phenomenological Study of Home in the Classroom
Carollyne Sinclaire - Author

"The book is gripping. I wanted to read it straight through. The author reveals herself as an unusually sensitive teacher and writer with very telling insights."--M. Berman, University of Maryland College Park

Looking for Home: A Phenomenological Study of Home in the Classroom contains stories of children who seek "a home" in the classroom. The book focuses on the extraordinary in the ordinary moments with children in the day-to-day li...(Read More)
Democratic Teacher Education
Democratic Teacher Education (July 1994)
Programs, Processes, Problems, and Prospects
John Novak - Editor

"This book provides clear, disciplined intellectual grounding in philosophical ideals of democracy while illustrating efforts to implement, live, practice, and teach these. This unique balance between philosophy and practice is useful and informative. It provides hope for all who are constantly reflecting upon, restructuring, and perservering in this challenge to teach and think ethically and morally." -- Rebecca F. Blomgren, Director of Teacher Edu...(Read More)
Cultural Diversity in Schools
Cultural Diversity in Schools (May 1994)
From Rhetoric to Practice
Robert A. DeVillar - Editor
Christian J. Faltis - Editor
James P. Cummins - Editor

"This work is an important and significant contribution to the field of education. The insightfulness of the editors and contributors lead us into the future, today. A future which may be difficult for some to understand and even more difficult to change; a future where communication, integration, and cooperation become fundamental organizing principles; a future where these principles can truly make school a successful context for culturally dive...(Read More)
Changing American Education
Changing American Education (April 1994)
Recapturing the Past or Inventing the Future?
Kathryn M. Borman - Editor
Nancy P. Greenman - Editor

School change and educational reform are discussed constantly by the media. Despite a decade of frenzied interest, there is little consensus on the most fundamental issues. The terminology of school reform remains unclear, obscured by ideological rhetoric. What is meant by terms such as “school restructuring,” “site-based management,” and “teacher education reform?” This book examines social changes affecting education...(Read More)
Being Called to Care
Being Called to Care (April 1994)
Mary Ellen Lashley - Author
Maggie T. Neal - Author
Emily Todd Slunt - Author
Louise M. Berman - Author
Francine H. Hultgren - Author

"The important explorations and insights offered by the authors in this book provide vivid evidence of ways in which nurses exercise their responses to a call to care. This is not a sentimental text, nor is it a simple or singular approach. The text is not associated with religious ideology. It is deeply spiritual; it explores the common grounds of meaning in human existence. These authors have brought together insights that are grounded in n...(Read More)
Inquiry and Reflection
Inquiry and Reflection (April 1994)
Framing Narrative Practice in Education
Diane DuBose Brunner - Author

Inquiry and Reflection shows how stories of schooling can elucidate difficult, and unexamined problems facing teachers. While professional texts tend to raise issues of power and its distribution and questions of culture and ideology, often the manner of presentation is abstract, and pre-service teachers have difficulty making connections. Yet literary, film, and video materials illuminate problems and suggest ideas to which teachers can act...(Read More)
Token Professionals and Master Critics
Token Professionals and Master Critics (March 1994)
A Critique of Orthodoxy in Literary Studies
James J. Sosnoski - Author

"It is the most breathtakingly honest account of the profession that I have read, unparalleled in its analysis of the current crisis in English studies and in its proposal for reform." -- James A. Berlin, Purdue University

This book addresses literary critics in mainstream institutions who, though they vastly outnumber their colleagues in more prestigious institutions, have little voice in the profession. It examines the structures through w...(Read More)
Toward Gender Equity in the Classroom
Toward Gender Equity in the Classroom (February 1994)
Everyday Teachers' Beliefs and Practices
Janice L. Streitmatter - Author

Rather than simply examining gender differences in student performance, this book presents various aspects and considerations of gender equity in classroom teaching through conversations with and observations of eight teachers. It highlights the differences between teacher beliefs and practices, shows how educational institutions contribute to the formation or development of those beliefs and practices, and describes how individual te...(Read More)
Laura and Jim and What They Taught Me About the Gap Between Educational Theory and Practice
Laura and Jim and What They Taught Me About the Gap Between Educational Theory and Practice (November 1993)
Dona M. Kagan - Author

"The stories illustrate in thick, rich description what we know as the great divide among classroom teachers and college professors. It's a great book to analyze in teacher education courses, qualitative research courses, and others dealing with research-to-practice issues and preservice teacher training." -- Francine Peterman, Ball State University

Many teachers do not conform to the views of teaching espoused by professors of educat...(Read More)
Conflict, Competition, or Cooperation?
Conflict, Competition, or Cooperation? (October 1993)
Dilemmas of State Education Policymaking
Douglas M. Abrams - Author

Conflict, Competition, or Cooperation? is a timely addition to the long neglected study of the interface between elementary-secondary and post-secondary education. The work provides valuable insights for several research traditions." -- E. Robert Stephens, University of Maryland at College Park

This book analyzes the organizational interface between the public and higher education sectors as policy leaders experiment wi...(Read More)
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