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Integral Theory in Action
Integral Theory in Action (August 2010)
Applied, Theoretical, and Constructive Perspectives on the AQAL Model
Sean Esbjörn-Hargens - Editor
Roger Walsh - Foreword by
Ken Wilber - Afterword

Leading scholar-practitioners discuss the strengths, limits, and potential of Integral Theory and the AQAL model.

In a world as complex as ours, an Integral approach is needed to help sort through a dynamic landscape and respond effectively to individual and collective challenges. Integral Theory in Action provides the first multiauthored overview of such an approach. Integral Theory is the result of t...(Read More)
The Challenge of the 21st Century
The Challenge of the 21st Century (July 1994)
Managing Technology and Ourselves in a Shrinking World
Harold A. Linstone - Author
Ian I. Mitroff - Author

"This book is a substantial contribution to futures research, societal analysis, and related fields, as would be expected from two senior professionals. It presents well-organized, balanced thinking about future trends, issues, and uncertainties." -- Thomas F. Mandel, SRI International

The population and technology explosions are shrinking the world to a system in which everything is interactive, forcing us to transcend traditional modes of ...(Read More)
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