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Spirituality, Diversion, and Decadence
Spirituality, Diversion, and Decadence (November 1992)
The Contemporary Predicament
Peter H. Van Ness - Author

"This is a more interesting and insightful approach to the topic of spiritual discipline than I have previously encountered.

"The major problem with contemporary religion (especially Western) is its lack of effective spiritual disciplines--witness the fascination with the disciplines of the East. Add to that the fact that as religion in the traditional sense decreases in popularity, spirituality increases." -- Harold Coward, University of Ca...(Read More)
Perspectives on the New Age
Perspectives on the New Age (November 1992)
James R. Lewis - Editor
J. Gordon Melton - Editor

"By the end of the book, the reader will have received a comprehensive education concerning the New Age Movement--what it includes and what people inside it and outside it think about it." -- Donald Evans, University of Toronto

This book begins with a comprehensive historical section that places the New Age within the context of its predecessor movements. It then focuses on specialized aspects of this subculture, from essays on the co...(Read More)
A Heart of Wisdom
A Heart of Wisdom (September 1992)
Religion and Human Wholeness
Maurice Friedman - Author

"Wisdom is a tradition of knowing that has fallen out of favor in recent decades. Piaget, among others, has called for its return. Judaism has never lost touch with this tradition and Friedman is a good exemplar. The book is most readable and stimulating. It takes a strong position rooted in Judaism and integrates a breadth of exemplification from other religions and from literature." -- Harold Coward

Drawing on almost half a century of i...(Read More)
The Book of Prayer of Sor Maria of Santo Domingo
The Book of Prayer of Sor Maria of Santo Domingo (July 1990)
A Study and Translation
Mary E. Giles - Author

The history of women's spirituality and Christian mysticism demonstrates that women have been influential religious leaders even without benefit of priestly ordination and theological training. St. Catherine of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila are examples of women with visionary gifts of tremendous power. A less well-known Spanish visionary is Sor Maria of Santo Domingo, a Dominican tertiary of peasant lineage who became so famous for her raptures, ...(Read More)
Spirituality and Society
Spirituality and Society (September 1988)
Postmodern Visions
David Ray Griffin - Editor

This book takes a genuinely new spiritual stance reflecting the emergence of a post -modern science and differing from the relativistic nihilism that calls itself postmodern but is really modernism extended to its limit.

Based on a direct experience of reality as divine, this postmodern spirituality transcends modernity's individualism and patriarchy, its forced choices between dualism and materialism, anthropocentrism and relativism, superna...(Read More)
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