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Fight to Live, Live to Fight
Fight to Live, Live to Fight (July 2019)
Veteran Activism after War
Benjamin Schrader - Author

Examines US foreign and domestic policy through the narratives of post-9/11 US military veterans and the activism they are engaged in.

While veterans are often cast as a “problem” for society, Fight to Live, Live to Fight challenges this view by focusing on the progressive, positive, and productive activism that veterans engage in. Benjamin Schrader weaves his own experiences as a former member of the American ...(Read More)
Tools of War, Tools of State
Tools of War, Tools of State (September 2018)
When Children Become Soldiers
Robert Tynes - Author

Examines why many governments, rebels, and terrorist organizations are using children as soldiers.

Despite the supposed taboo against the practice, many governments, rebels, and terrorist groups use children in war to spy and kill. In Tools of War, Tools of State, Robert Tynes examines this complex problem, demonstrating that the modern use of children in war is a tactical innovation. He discusses how boys and girls on the bat...(Read More)
Lincoln's Veteran Volunteers Win the War
Lincoln's Veteran Volunteers Win the War (November 2008)
The Hudson Valley's Ross Brothers and the Union's Fight for Emancipation
D. Reid Ross - Author
Duane A. Smith - Foreword by

Chronicles the Civil War experiences of four brothers from New York’s Hudson Valley.

Looking at the lives of the four Ross brothers, dedicated Union soldiers from upstate New York’s Washington County, Lincoln’s Veteran Volunteers Win the War offers a dramatic, in-depth account of struggle, devotion, family, and faith during the American Civil War. Three of the four brothers&m...(Read More)
Rethinking the Just War Tradition
Rethinking the Just War Tradition (March 2007)
Michael W. Brough - Editor
John W. Lango - Editor
Harry van der Linden - Editor

Contributors seek to promote reasoned debate about emerging security threats and potential military responses.

The just war tradition is an evolving body of tenets for determining when resorting to war is just and how war may be justly executed. Rethinking the Just War Tradition provides a timely exploration in light of new security threats that have emerged since the end of the Cold War, including ongoing c...(Read More)
Technology and International Transformation
Technology and International Transformation (September 2006)
The Railroad, the Atom Bomb, and the Politics of Technological Change
Geoffrey L. Herrera - Author

Examines the interrelation between technology and international politics since the nineteenth century.

During an era in which the pace of technological change is unrelenting, understanding how international politics both shapes and is shaped by technology is crucial. Drawing on international relations theory, historical sociology, and the history of technology, Geoffrey L. Herrera offers an ambitious, theoretically...(Read More)
United We Stand?
United We Stand? (February 2005)
Divide-and-Conquer Politics and the Logic of International Hostility
Aaron Belkin - Author

Argues that leaders sometimes promote international conflicts to keep their own military politically divided.

It has long been assumed that leaders engage in international conflict to unify their followers—what is often called the "rally 'round the flag" hypothesis. Despite its intuitive appeal, however, this hypothesis does not always provide a compelling explanation of the relationship between domestic...(Read More)

Meditations of a Holocaust Traveler
Meditations of a Holocaust Traveler (August 1995)
Gerald E. Markle - Author

This book travels across time, place, and subject to ponder the meaning of the Holocaust for contemporary cultures.
"Markle selects and defines three basic issues of Holocaust studies and demonstrates how sociological and social-psychological scholarship illuminates these issues. The reader grasps the connection between these issues because of Markle's skillful transitions. His intermixing of his own personal experiences in approaching ...(Read More)
The Parable of the Tribes
The Parable of the Tribes (December 1994)
The Problem of Power in Social Evolution, Second Edition
Andrew Bard Schmookler - Author

This is a new view of the role of power in social evolution. It shows how, as human societies evolved, intersocietal conflicts necessarily developed, and how humanity can choose peace over war.
"Goes far beyond our common folk knowledge about power." -- New York Times Book Review
The Parable of the Tribes provides a new way of analyzing the human condition. This panoramic work, which incorporates history, philosophy, a...(Read More)
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