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Research Agendas in the Sociology of Emotions
Research Agendas in the Sociology of Emotions (July 1990)
Theodore D. Kemper - Editor

In this book leading sociologists of emotions present their research agendas for work that promises to shape the study of emotions well into the next decade. The essays represent the full range of ideas, issues, and directions in the field.

From diverse theoretical positions -- symbolic interactionist, social constructionist, feminist, positivist, linguistic, phenomenologist, Marxist, and evolutionist-- the authors set forth their current ...(Read More)
Social Entropy Theory
Social Entropy Theory (February 1990)
Kenneth D. Bailey - Author

Social Entropy Theory illuminates the fundamental problems of societal analysis with a nonequilibrium approach, a new frame of reference built upon contemporary macrological principles, including general systems theory and information theory. Social entropy theory, using Shannon's H and the entropy concept, avoids the common (and often artificial) separation of theory and method in sociology. The hallmark of the volume is integration, as se...(Read More)
Integrating Work and Family Life
Integrating Work and Family Life (July 1989)
The Home-Working Family
Betty Beach - Author

What happens when work and family space are shared? Beach examines the lives of home-working families and describes the interaction of work and family life. Detailed focus on the family system demonstrates how space and time are utilized, how spouses and children respond, and how the family may perceive home work as an adaptive effort to integrate work and family life. Beach highlights the often overlooked role of children in contributing to this...(Read More)
Meaning in Mid-Life Transitions
Meaning in Mid-Life Transitions (January 1987)
Edmund Sherman - Author

"The topic of adult development is one of the important areas of research in behavioral sciences. Sherman has succeeded in bringing the phenomenological perspective to this topic and has shown how structures of meaning form the central theme in mid-life transitions. He writes with ease and clarity, handling difficult concepts in a skillful and sophisticated way, resulting in a richly textured study."--Ann Weick, University of Kansas

This b...(Read More)
Enforcement or Negotiation
Enforcement or Negotiation (October 1986)
Constructing a Regulatory Bureaucracy
Neal Shover - Editor
Donald A. Clelland - Editor
John Lynxwiler - Editor

"The book gives a thorough and competent overview of surface mining regulation, including the technical as well as the political and bureaucratic components. The richness of detail is quite impressive, and the integration of different research approaches adds to the comprehensive nature of the book. One of the best discussions about the problems and limitations of regulatory enforcement." -- John T. Scholz

Enforcement or Negotiation ...(Read More)
Classification in Social Research
Classification in Social Research (June 1984)
Ramkrishna Mukherjee - Author

This important work is addressed to all researchers concerned with classification. It shows the serious limits of the traditional form of analytical classification. The solution it proposes, the inductive population approach, considers all possible cross-classifications in regard to attributes of the phenomena. This approach is theoretically grounded, avoids the tendency to generate excessively abstract constructs, and provides a clear way of linkin...(Read More)
Changing Social Science
Changing Social Science (June 1983)
Critical Theory and Other Critical Perspectives
Daniel R. Sabia - Editor
Jerald Wallulis - Editor

Changing Social Science is both a description of and prescription for the current unease in the social sciences. It brings together articles by philosophers, sociologists, and political scientists who advocate changing the way social science is conceived and practiced. Focusing on the thought of past and present critics and proponents of critical inquiry—especially on the critical theory of Jürgen Habermas and on the disciplines of ...(Read More)
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