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Communication in Japan and the United States
Communication in Japan and the United States (October 1993)
William B. Gudykunst - Editor

This book is the first to provide a summary of the state of knowledge about communication in Japan and the United States. Included is an overview of the major approaches used in the study of communication in these two countries, an overview of the major cultural factors influencing communication, a description of the sociolinguistic differences between English and Japanese, an examination of Japanese-American communication as a function of the cult...(Read More)
Organizational Communication and Cultural Vision
Organizational Communication and Cultural Vision (August 1993)
Approaches for Analysis
Mary L. Mohan - Author

This book provides a review and synthesis of contemporary theory and research on organizational culture. Chapters focus on a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches to culture, identifying types of organizational cultures, and tracing phases in cultural evolution. In addition, several chapters are devoted to dealing with practical applications, such as the processes of socialization and identification, as well as the management o...(Read More)
Technocracy at Work
Technocracy at Work (July 1993)
Beverly H. Burris - Author

Technocracy, loosely defined, is "rule by experts." Technocracy at Work focuses on the organizational dimensions and aspects of technocracy.

Substantial sociological literatures have analyzed contemporary changes in factories, bureaucracies, and professional organizations. What has not been well investigated is the interrelatedness of these changes and the emergence of technocracy in the workplace. This book fills thi...(Read More)
The Shadow of Dionysus
The Shadow of Dionysus (January 1993)
A Contribution to the Sociology of the Orgy
Michel Maffesoli - Author
Cindy Linse - Translator
Mary Kristina Palmquist - Translator

"The topic is absolutely central: the body and sexuality throughout history. It is a major contribution to the study and history of sexuality. It has a solid historical-comparative sweep, and is written with a conviction and a power that is compelling." -- Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois

"This book takes up a theme important to the postmodern crisis -- what is the sacred, and what does it do? It locates the sacred in direct line ...(Read More)
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