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Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian-Russian Relations
Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian-Russian Relations (July 1999)
Paul J. D'Anieri - Author

In the most detailed study to date of the emerging international political economy of the former Soviet Union, Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian-Russian Relations analyzes the intractable economic dilemmas facing Russia's neighbors, and shows how economic interdependence has become the key axis for the pursuit of power politics in the region.
Ukraine's quest for complete political autonomy from Russia is in tension with the deep econ...(Read More)
Noplace Like Home
Noplace Like Home (July 1997)
The Literary Artist and Russia's Search for Cultural Identity
Amy C. Singleton - Author

Explores the way that four major works of Russian literature--Gogol's Dead Souls, Goncharov's Oblomov, Zamiatin's We, and Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita--define a cultural "self" for the Russian people. Focusing on the deep cultural currents that pull Russian society in contradictory ways, Noplace Like Home also explores the writer's struggle to overcome these tensions through the creation of a literary uto...(Read More)
Notes from Underground
Notes from Underground (July 1995)
Rock Music Counterculture in Russia
Thomas Cushman - Author

Describes the Russian rock music counterculture and how it is changing in response to Russia's transition from a socialist to a capitalist society. It explores the lived experiences, the thoughts and feelings of the rock musicians as they meet the challenges of change.

Choice Outstanding Academic Books 1996

"Not only is this book's argument brilliant, but it is also extremely well writt...(Read More)
Workers of the Donbass Speak
Workers of the Donbass Speak (July 1995)
Survival and Identity in the New Ukraine, 1989-1992
Lewis H. Siegelbaum - Author
Daniel J. Walkowitz - Author

This is an oral and local history of the coal mining town of Donetsk in the Ukraine. The workers describe their changing political and economic goals and their reaction to Western culture, the rising tides of nationalism and religion.
"This book is a valuable contribution to the field of post-Soviet studies; it addresses a number of crucial issues in an engaging and informative way. Most importantly, it allows Western readers to hear Russ...(Read More)
Saints and Revolutionaries
Saints and Revolutionaries (February 1993)
The Ascetic Hero in Russian Fiction
Marcia A. Morris - Author

"It takes a hitherto neglected pattern in Russian literature, and shows how it informs and shapes some of the more important works of medieval Russian literature, and of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We have all been aware that these works are a bit strange, and now the author has shown us why this is so. The link between the medieval and the modern--fascinating in itself--is argued clearly and convincingly." -- Robert A. Maguire, Columb...(Read More)
Soviet Scientists and the State
Soviet Scientists and the State (June 1985)
An Examination of the Social and Political Aspects of Science in the USSR
Peter Kneen - Author

Soviet Scientists and the State examines the constraints place upon the natural scientist in the Soviet Union. The book brings into sharp relief the social and economic consequences arising from the highly centralized character of Communist Party rule. Because conditions regarded as essential for effective scientific research conflict with the form of political control prevailing in the Soviet Union, the Soviet scientists' working environme...(Read More)
The Soviet Budget
The Soviet Budget (June 1984)
Raymond Hutchings - Author

How much does the Soviet Union spend on defense, economic development, social welfare, and education? How does it finance the enormous scale of its expenditures under all these heads? What typical sequences are disclosed, and how do they mesh with other types of behavior in the Soviet economy? Can one even believe the official figures? If so, what do they tell us? If not, in which directions may they need to be corrected? Ha...(Read More)
Christian Religion in the Soviet Union
Christian Religion in the Soviet Union (June 1978)
A Sociological Study
Christel Lane - Author

Christel Lane has written the first sociological study of religion in a communist and militantly atheist society. Christian Religion in the Soviet Union is the result of a detailed examination of Soviet sociological sources and the legally and illegally published reports of religious bodies or individuals, backed up by the observations of the author and of other Western visitors to the USSR.

Dr. Lane attempts to asses...(Read More)
Agathangelos History of the Armenians
Agathangelos History of the Armenians (June 1974)
Robert W. Thomson - Editor/translator

The first English translation of History of the Armenians.

History of the Armenians, attributed to Agathangelos, is an enigmatic work that combines remembered tradition and invented legend. It also exists in several languages and various editions, not all of which derive from the text extant in Armenian. The significance of the work is unquestionable, though. With this edition, Robert W. Thomson offe...(Read More)
Complete Poetry of Osip Emilevich Mandelstam
Complete Poetry of Osip Emilevich Mandelstam (January 1973)
Burton Raffel - Translator
Alla Burago - Translator
Sidney Monas - Introduction

Offers the complete body of work of one of the twentieth century’s greatest Russian poets for the first time in English.

Osip Emilevich Mandelstam, the great twentieth-century Russian poet, was once thought to be buried forever in secret files and condemned to oblivion by official silence. Thanks to his widow, dedicated scholars, and the talented efforts of Burton Raffel and Alla Burago in this volume he takes his rightful...(Read More)
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