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The Architecture of Downtown Troy
The Architecture of Downtown Troy (September 2019)
An Illustrated History
Diana S. Waite - Author
Gary David Gold - Photographer

Tells the forgotten but surprising stories of the many handsome and significant buildings in downtown Troy, New York.

Winner of the 2021 Antoinette Forrester Downing Book Award presented by the Society of Architectural Historians

Winner of the 2020 Excellence in Historic Preservation Award presented by the Preservation League of New York State

Loca...(Read More)
The History of Here
The History of Here (February 2018)
A House, the Pine Hills Neighborhood, and the City of Albany
Akum Norder - Author

How the Pine Hills neighborhood in Albany, New York, changed and grew, as reflected in the history of one house and the lives of its residents.

When you buy an old house, you get much more than a house. In all its quirks, its alterations, in fragments of memory and traces left behind, you get a bundle of small mysteries. Who used to live here? Why did they come here, and where did they go? Whose name is that written on the attic...(Read More)
Figures of Memory
Figures of Memory (June 2016)
The Rhetoric of Displacement at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Michael Bernard-Donals - Author

Explores how the USHMM and other museums and memorials both displace and disturb the memories that they are trying to commemorate.

Figures of Memory examines how the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) in Washington, DC, uses its space and the design of its exhibits to “move” its visitors to memory. From the objects and their placement to the architectural design of the building and the floor plan,...(Read More)
Southern Life, Northern City
Southern Life, Northern City (October 2008)
The History of Albany's Rapp Road Community
Jennifer A. Lemak - Author

The inspirational story of an African American community that migrated from the Deep South to Albany, New York, in the 1930s.

Southern Life, Northern City is the inspirational story of an African American community in Albany that has fought doggedly for generations to preserve its legacy and way of life. In the 1920s and 1930s rural African American families living in Shubuta, Mississippi, began relocati...(Read More)

Voices of Resistance
Voices of Resistance (January 1998)
Oral Histories of Moroccan Women
Alison Baker - Author

Providing new information on women's participation in the Moroccan independence movement, Voices of Resistance offers a rare opportunity to hear Moroccan women speak freely about their personal lives. Each woman is introduced in terms of her family background and personal style, and the interviews are given texture and context by references to Moroccan history and popular culture, including contemporary songs and poems. These women are storyt...(Read More)
Two Sides to Everything
Two Sides to Everything (February 1995)
The Cultural Construction of Class Consciousness in Harlan County, Kentucky
Shaunna L. Scott - Author

This is an ethnography and oral history of miners and their families in Kentucky focusing on political ideology and working class consciousness.
This is an oral history and ethnography of miners and their families in Kentucky focusing on political ideology and working class consciousness.
"This is passionate, exciting fieldwork. Scott has produced a very readable and interesting account of the consciousness of ordinary people in Harla...(Read More)
A Measure of Success
A Measure of Success (March 1994)
Protestants and Public Culture in Antebellum Cleveland
Michael J. McTighe - Author

This book examines the role Protestants played in the formation of the public culture of antebellum Cleveland, a developing commercial city typical of many cities throughout the Midwest. The author analyzes the extent to which, and the way in which, Protestants were able to exercise power in the city, concluding that they achieved a measure of success during the years 1836 to 1860, after which their power began to erode. As a framework for this an...(Read More)
The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories
The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories (January 1991)
Form and Meaning in Oral History
Alessandro Portelli - Author

"The essays that Alessandro Portelli has produced on the meaning of oral history are incredibly insightful. The book is a real breakthrough in the analysis of oral history and will stimulate work in the field for years to come." -- John Bodnar, Oral History Research Center, and Department of History, Indiana University

"I can think of nothing which is so closely tied to actual fieldwork, and which brings such sophisticated theoretical unders...(Read More)
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