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Politics and Public Policy in Hawai'i
Politics and Public Policy in Hawai'i (July 1992)
Zachary A. Smith - Editor
Richard Pratt - Editor

Hawai'i is of special interest as a state because its history differs so greatly from that of the other United States and because its social and political institutions are unique. It is, for example, the only state that has no incorporated villages, towns, or cities, and it has the most centralized system of governance of any U. S. state.

This book addresses policy topics of importance to Hawai'i and other communities facing rapid growth, un...(Read More)
Race, Redevelopment, and the New Company Town
Race, Redevelopment, and the New Company Town (August 1990)
Daniel J. Monti - Author

This book shows how private interests collaborated with public leaders, and often with neighborhood activists, in order to rebuild several neighborhoods comprising racially and economically-mixed populations in St. Louis. It shows that persons from different races and social classes can live together in redeveloped urban neighborhoods.

Detailed here are the politics and economics of redevelopment in what was one of the nation's most distresse...(Read More)
Revolution at the Grassroots
Revolution at the Grassroots (July 1989)
Community Organizations in the Portugese Revolution
Charles Downs - Author

"Downs' book is good both for its theoretical and its descriptive qualities. It is absorbing reading." -- Pierre Clavel

The book outlines the history of the revolutionary process at the national level and as it was experienced in one major Portuguese city. While generally little known, the achievements of grassroots organizations in Portugal far exceeded those of other developed countries, and their examination provides insights, poses impo...(Read More)
The Politics of Capital Investment
The Politics of Capital Investment (November 1988)
The Case of Philadelphia
Carolyn T. Adams - Author

This book examines both the politics and products of the public investment process in one of America's largest cities. It broadens the scope of contemporary debates on the political economy of urban development to include not only large-scale redevelopment projects, but also neighborhood facilities such as schools, parks, and libraries. Showing the share of investments that went into Philadelphia's downtown versus its residential neighborhoods from ...(Read More)
Perspectives on Ecosystem Management for the Great Lakes
Perspectives on Ecosystem Management for the Great Lakes (July 1988)
A Reader
Lynton K. Caldwell - Editor

In 1978 Canada and the United States concluded an agreement for the protection and enhancement of water quality in the Great Lakes based on the ecosystem approach to management. Since ratification of this agreement, little progress has been made in practical application of this concept to basin-wide management for the Great Lakes. At the same time public concern for the quality of the Great Lakes and their future has risen dramatically. As a resu...(Read More)
Environmental Justice
Environmental Justice (April 1988)
Peter S. Wenz - Author

This book explores the philosophical background of questions on environmental justice. It focuses on theories of distributive justice, primarily those which concern the manner in which benefits and burdens should be allocated when there is a scarcity of benefits (relative to people's wants or needs) and a surfeit of burdens. It is one of those rare philosophy books that is at once accessible and sophisticated, as it introduces both philosophers an...(Read More)
The Grant System
The Grant System (October 1987)
John W. Kalas - Author

"This book describes the various integral parts of the grant system with 'insider' accuracy and professional insight. The author has shared his many years of research experience to enable the beginner as well as veterans in research and public service to understand the real dynamics of the grant system as it influences, for better or worse, our collective society, individual lives, and probably of most direct interest for the grant seeker, the fund...(Read More)
Contracting Out for Human Services
Contracting Out for Human Services (June 1985)
Economic, Political, and Organizational Perspectives
Ruth H. De Hoog - Author

Contracting out for services has become a popular technique in government's perennial quest to cut spending. Yet seldom has the practice been examined from any but the public choice approach. This book explores contracting out in the important area of human services, covering the critical conditions of contracting and the vital points of politics, procedures, service quality, and effectiveness.

In doing so, DeHoog uses three theoretical per...(Read More)
Your Voice at City Hall
Your Voice at City Hall (June 1985)
Peggy Heilig - Author
Robert J. Mundt - Author

Your Voice at City Hall answers a major question of urban politics and government: “What difference does it make if city councils are elected at-large or by geographically defined districts or wards?”

During the past fifteen years, numerous American cities, particularly those in the South and Southwest, have witnessed efforts to replace at-large councils with district systems. Prior studies have rep...(Read More)
Revitalizing America's Cities
Revitalizing America's Cities (June 1984)
Neighborhood Reinvestment and Displacement
Michael H. Schill - Author
Richard P. Nathan - Author

In many American cities, middle and upper income people are moving into neighborhoods that had previously suffered disinvestment and decay. The new residents renovate housing, stimulate business, and contribute to the tax base. These benefits of neighborhood revitalization are, in some cases, achieved at a potentially serious cost: the displacement of existing neighborhood residents by eviction, condominium conversion, or as a result of rent incr...(Read More)
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