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Autonomy and Community
Autonomy and Community (April 1998)
Readings in Contemporary Kantian Social Philosophy
Jane Kneller - Editor
Sidney Axinn - Editor

Shows how Kant's basic position applies to and clarifies present-day problems of war, race, abortion, capital punishment, labor relations, the environment, and marriage.

In Autonomy and Community, contemporary Kant scholars apply Kant's moral and political views to current social issues, examining contemporary topics through the lenses of various recent Kantian approaches to issues in ethical, political, and socia...(Read More)
Specters of Liberation
Specters of Liberation (April 1998)
Great Refusals in the New World Order
Martin J. Beck Matuštík - Author

Advocates a new existential and political coalition among critical and postmodern social theorists and among critical gender, race, and class theorists, in dissent from the New World Order, to raise specters of liberation and empower radical democratic change.

Specters of Liberation argues that dissent against the New World Order is possible through a collaboration of critical postmodern social theory and existen...(Read More)
Socrates' Education to Virtue
Socrates' Education to Virtue (March 1998)
Learning the Love of the Noble
Mark J. Lutz - Author

Argues that Plato's dialogues contain a surprisingly neglected account of Socrates' education about the love of noble virtue and that recovering this education could help broaden and deepen liberalism's moral and political horizon.

Socrates' Education to Virtue argues that Plato's account of Socrates offers the fullest account of virtue and of the place of virtue in political life. Focusing on Platonic dramas suc...(Read More)
Speech and Political Practice
Speech and Political Practice (February 1998)
Recovering the Place of Human Responsibility
Murray Jardine - Author

Argues that rebuilding ethical communities will require a cultural reorientation from visually dominated to oral/aural experience and develops a speech-based conception of moral place that can set limits on the actions of individuals and communities.

"Written with verve and clarity, Jardine's book deals with and untangles an important, indeed pressing, set of tangled issues. It is a lucid and able attempt, against the po...(Read More)
Subversions of International Order
Subversions of International Order (December 1997)
Studies in the Political Anthropology of Culture
John Borneman - Author

Uses ethnographic tools to analyze political disorder and its representation at the end of the Cold War.

"This book takes up burning problems in new ways by someone deeply versed in his field with a sensitivity to nuance and detail no less than to an acute sense of urgency. The reality to which most of the essays are dedicated is one never or rarely discussed by anthropologists, namely East Germany and neighboring state...(Read More)
Politics and Truth
Politics and Truth (August 1997)
Political Theory and the Postmodernist Challenge
Theresa Man Ling Lee - Author

Considers the contested concept of truth in contemporary politics in light of the postmodernist challenge to Enlightenment ideals and examines the treatment of truth in an unusual lineup of thinkers ranging from Plato and Hobbes to Weber, Foucault, and Arendt.

"Most political theorists have been distrustful of power; and in contemporary political debate, the association of truth and power has been condemned for belittli...(Read More)
Democracy and the Policy Sciences
Democracy and the Policy Sciences (August 1997)
Peter deLeon - Author

Examines how a more democratic, participatory policy analysis could be conceptualized in theory and administered in practice.

As originally proposed by Harold Lasswell, the policy sciences were dedicated to democratic governance. But today they are far removed from the democratic process and do little to promote the American democratic system. This book examines how in the context of American history and the development of the poli...(Read More)
The Political Consequences of Thinking
The Political Consequences of Thinking (August 1997)
Gender and Judaism in the Work of Hannah Arendt
Jennifer Ring - Author

Applies the perspectives of gender and ethnicity in a feminist analysis of the Eichmann controversy and offers a wholly new interpretation of Arendt's work, from Eichmann in Jerusalem to The Life of the Mind.

In this book, Jennifer Ring offers a wholly new interpretation of Hannah Arendt's work, from Eichmann in Jerusalem, with its bitter reception by the Jewish community, to The Life of t...(Read More)
Our Elusive Constitution
Our Elusive Constitution (August 1997)
Silences, Paradoxes, Priorities
Daniel N. Hoffman - Author

Through a distinctive blending of political and legal analysis, this book draws attention to urgent questions in constitutional thought that have received inadequate attention from courts and scholars. Daniel N. Hoffman argues that we can avoid the pitfalls of much legal and political-science scholarship if we attend carefully to certain problems posed by constitutional silences, paradoxes, and priorities. "Silences" are issues of current concern on...(Read More)
Putting Choice Before Democracy
Putting Choice Before Democracy (July 1996)
A Critique of Rational Choice Theory
Emily Hauptmann - Author

Shows how rational choice theory's critique and justification of democracy fails in its project to recast democratic theory.
"In an original assessment of rational choice theoretic analyses of democracy, Emily Hauptmann argues that it is the flawed conception of choice found in rational choice theory that robs it of its full power and coherence. For Hauptmann, this renders it an inappropriate tool for understanding democracy and leads rat...(Read More)
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