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Metaphors of Interrelatedness
Metaphors of Interrelatedness (October 1992)
Toward a Systems Theory of Psychology
Linda E. Olds - Author

"In an era of ever increasing specialization, both within psychology and between psychology and other 'fields,' this book opens the doors and windows and lets in fresh air. It is a courageous inquiry into knowing in the broadest sense, and a defense of the necessity of this broadest sense if we are to have real progress. If there is hope for the academy to recapture a sense of intellectual mission, instead of functioning as a holding company for n...(Read More)
Freud on Sublimation
Freud on Sublimation (September 1992)
Volney P. Gay - Author

"One of the most common criticisms of Freud is that his theory cannot satisfactorily account for religion or artistic creativity. Gay's revision of Freud's theory using Gibson's theory of perception allows the Freudian concept of sublimation to function in a positive way that squares with artistic creativity, religion, and common experience. Gay has made a significant contribution to psychoanalytic theory and to the understanding of human creativi...(Read More)
Nuclear Madness
Nuclear Madness (February 1991)
Religion and the Psychology of the Nuclear Age
Ira Chernus - Author

"Chernus has energetically and imaginatively answered the challenge to scholars of religion to make the nuclear age a central focus of their research and reflection. Chernus's work does that, and has the additional benefit of demonstrating the need to do that in a way that integrates social science approaches with more traditional phenomenology of religion approaches." --H. John McDargh, Boston College

This book builds on Robe...(Read More)
C. G. Jung's Psychology of Religion and Synchronicity
C. G. Jung's Psychology of Religion and Synchronicity (March 1990)
Robert Aziz - Author

"This is the most stimulating writing on Carl Jung I have read for some time. It resolves two issues which in Jung's own writing and in the secondary sources had remained unclear: the notion of synchronicity and the degree to which individuation involves the external world as well as the inner archetypes. This is a most significant scholarly accomplishment. Throughout, the writing is clear and concise, and the argument is solidly founded on the ...(Read More)
The Light of Consciousness
The Light of Consciousness (June 1984)
Explorations in Transpersonal Psychology
Richard D. Mann - Author

"I regard this book as a highly important synthesis of psychology, cosmology, mystical experience, and religious thought. The author combines the experiential and the theoretical with great skill. There is not a false note in the book. There were plenty of issues where an author of lesser authority could have fallen on his face. Mann never does. I also like the fact that a person of Mann's obvious gifts has undertaken a study of the mystical ex...(Read More)
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