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On Meanings of Life
On Meanings of Life (August 2002)
Their Nature and Origin
Jerome Eckstein - Author

Explores the factors that make for a meaningful life.

Addressing the question of what makes life meaningful, Jerome Eckstein explores the ways in which we can heighten or diminish the quality of our life experience. He focuses on two contrasting attitudes toward life experiences: “interested” (goal-oriented) and “intraested” (non-goal-oriented, i.e., something directed only at itself) and shows th...(Read More)
The Endtime Family
The Endtime Family (January 2002)
Children of God
William Sims Bainbridge - Author

A fascinating examination of a religious counterculture group showing how it differs from mainstream society, yet is similar in other ways.

This groundbreaking analysis of the controversial religious group, The Family, or The Children of God, uses interviews, observational techniques, and a comprehensive questionnaire completed by more than a thousand family members. William Sims Bainbridge explores how Family members i...(Read More)
Unconscious Wisdom
Unconscious Wisdom (April 2001)
A Superego Function in Dreams, Conscience, and Inspiration
Dan Merkur - Author

Contra both Freud and Jung, argues that the unconscious is not exclusively irrational.

In a detailed engagement with the psychoanalytic theories of dreams, conscience, empathy, and creativity, Dan Merkur argues that the superego is an unconscious reasoning process, dedicated to the representation of the loved object. The superego's access to the repressed and devotion of time to single topics make it both more knowledgea...(Read More)
Visions of the Night
Visions of the Night (September 1999)
Dreams, Religion, and Psychology
Kelly Bulkeley - Author

This wide-ranging exploration of the spiritual and scientific dimensions of dreaming offers new connections between the ancient wisdom of the world's religious traditions, which have always taught that dreams reveal divine truths, and the recent findings of modern psychological research. Drawing upon philosophy, anthropology, sociology, neurology, literature, and film criticism, the book offers a better understanding of the mysterious complexity and...(Read More)
Religion and the Human Sciences
Religion and the Human Sciences (April 1998)
An Approach via Spirituality
Daniel A. Helminiak - Author

Proposes a new paradigm for interdisciplinary studies by applying the thought of Bernard Lonergan to define spirituality as the missing link between religion and theology.

"This brilliant, scholarly, and breakthrough book is a tour de force in the solid establishment of a scientific spirituality. Helminiak's encompassing mind, using the complex constructs of Lonergan, frames a vision of a scientific revolution in spiri...(Read More)
Among All These Dreamers
Among All These Dreamers (July 1996)
Essays on Dreaming and Modern Society
Kelly Bulkeley - Editor

"The book is timely, and introduces a whole new generation of serious dream workers unfettered by ideological loyalties and regressive news of the dream. It deals with an important but relatively unexplored dimension of dreaming consciousness. I found the book refreshing and stimulating. I hope it will chart a new direction for dream studies." -- Montague Ullman, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
...(Read More)
Visionary Worlds
Visionary Worlds (March 1996)
The Making and Unmaking of Reality
Lee Irwin - Author

Considers the role and significance of imagination and the myth-making processes that engage human beings in constructing a viable, living world of meaningful relations, beliefs and social interactions.

Visionary Worlds examines the role and significance of imagination and the myth-making processes that engage human beings in constructing a viable, living world of meaningful relations, beliefs, and social interact...(Read More)
Religious and Social Ritual
Religious and Social Ritual (February 1996)
Interdisciplinary Explorations
Michael B. Aune - Editor
Valerie DeMarinis - Editor

Examines particular rituals (social and religious) as a special kind of cultural performance or interaction in a wide variety of traditions and locations.
"This is a very timely work in a field of enquiry that has tremendous implications for human praxis. It articulates what many skilled practitioners of liturgical and ritual arts have known for centuries, but it does so within new 'episteme'(Foucault) or new styles of knowing and legitim...(Read More)
Reconstructing Eliade
Reconstructing Eliade (January 1996)
Making Sense of Religion
Bryan Rennie - Author

Provides a coherent and defensible interpretation of Eliade's thought which allows less familiar readers to approach Eliade with a greater clarity and precision. Foreword by Mac Linscott Ricketts, a leading translator of Eliade's writings.

"This is one of the very best overall defences of Eliade's ideas I have read. The outstanding scholarly value of this work is that Rennie has very well done for Eliade what the latter ...(Read More)
Kierkegaard and the Concept of Revelation
Kierkegaard and the Concept of Revelation (November 1995)
Steven M. Emmanuel - Author

Provides the first comprehensive interpretation of Kierkegaard's view of Christian revelation and demonstrates the central importance of that concept for understanding the development of his religious philosophy.

Gathering together the various strands of Kierkegaard's thought--his understanding of the relationship between faith and reason, the relevance of historical knowledge to faith, the nature of religious conversion...(Read More)
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