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John Dewey and Environmental Philosophy
John Dewey and Environmental Philosophy (November 2003)
Hugh P. McDonald - Author

A comprehensive look at how John Dewey's ethics can inform environmental issues.

Hugh P. McDonald's John Dewey and Environmental Philosophy breaks new ground by applying Dewey's insights to a new approach to philosophy of the environment; the concern for the rights of animals; the preservation of rare species, habitats, and landscapes; and the health of the whole ecology. The book summarizes much of the current li...(Read More)
Epistemology (October 2003)
An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge
Nicholas Rescher - Author

A comprehensive introduction to the theory of knowledge.

Guided by the founding ideas of American pragmatism, Epistemology provides a clear example of the basic concepts involved in knowledge acquisition and explains the principles at work in the development of rational inquiry. It examines how these principles analyze the course of scientific progress and how the development of scientific inquiry inevitably en...(Read More)
In Dewey's Wake
In Dewey's Wake (January 2003)
Unfinished Work of Pragmatic Reconstruction
William J. Gavin - Edited and with an introduction by

Leading scholars evaluate the importance of Dewey's work for our times.
In a pluralistic tapestry of approaches, eminent Dewey scholars address his pragmatic philosophy and whether it should be reinterpreted, reconfigured, or "passed-by," so as to better deal with the problems posed by the twenty-first century. For some, Dewey's contextualism remains intact, requiring more to be amended than radically changed. For others, his wo...(Read More)
The Lesbian Index
The Lesbian Index (December 2001)
Pragmatism and Lesbian Subjectivity in the Twentieth-Century United States
Kim Emery - Author

Adds historical and philosophical perspectives to current debates over whether lesbian identity is socially constructed or genetically based.

For more than a century, female homosexuality has been a frequent flashpoint for conflicts configured around such oppositions as nature and nurture, essentialism and constructivism, foundationalist philosophies and poststructuralist ones. In The Lesbian Index, Kim Emery o...(Read More)
Neoplatonism and Contemporary Thought
Neoplatonism and Contemporary Thought (November 2001)
Part One
R. Baine Harris - Editor

Leading scholars relate Neoplatonism to contemporary science and philosophy.

Significant twentieth-century thinkers offer views of Neoplatonism as having relevance to contemporary life and thought. Specifically discussed is how Neoplatonism relates to contemporary science and contemporary philosophy, including metaphysics and environmental thought.

Contributors include Jay Bregman, John Charle...(Read More)
Time, Continuity, and Indeterminacy
Time, Continuity, and Indeterminacy (February 2000)
A Pragmatic Engagement with Contemporary Perspectives
Sandra B. Rosenthal - Author

Offers a pragmatically oriented reconstruction of the central issues of time.

Focusing on the issue of temporality, this book explores the assumptions guiding the frameworks of philosophers who have shaped the contours of the contemporary philosophical landscape, including Whitehead, Weiss, Derrida, McTaggart, and Heidegger. In the process, it remaps the terrain, often finding similarities where differences--some quite radical--are gen...(Read More)
Realistic Pragmatism
Realistic Pragmatism (December 1999)
An Introduction to Pragmatic Philosophy
Nicholas Rescher - Author

Recovers classical pragmatism from recent deconstructive interpretations.

Nicholas Rescher gives a compact but comprehensive overview of pragmatism that does justice to the doctrine's original realistic and objectivistic purport. By providing a historically faithful version of a pragmatist position that is at once grounded in the root inspirations of the doctrine and able to overcome the sorts of objections that have often been advance...(Read More)
Dewey Reconfigured
Dewey Reconfigured (October 1999)
Essays on Deweyan Pragmatism
Casey Haskins - Editor
David I. Seiple - Editor

Eleven essays, all but one appearing here for the first time, offer a spectrum of recent critical perspectives on issues central to the philosophy of John Dewey and to what is now known as Deweyan pragmatism. The contributors focus on classically Deweyan concerns such as the nature of experience, selfhood, ethics, education, aesthetics, and democracy, as well as on the relation of those concerns to recent debates concerning feminism, epistemological...(Read More)
The Last Conceptual Revolution
The Last Conceptual Revolution (October 1998)
A Critique of Richard Rorty's Political Philosophy
Eric M. Gander - Author

A critique of Rorty's own provocative political philosophy, as well as an in-depth look at both the issues concerning the relationship between the public and the private, and arguments on the role of reason in liberal political discourse generally.

In 1989, with the publication of Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity, and in articles throughout the 1990s, Richard Rorty developed a detailed social and political phil...(Read More)
Genealogical Pragmatism
Genealogical Pragmatism (October 1997)
Philosophy, Experience, and Community
John J. Stuhr - Author

Drawing on the work of popular American writers, American philosophers, and Continental thinkers, this book provides a new interpretation of pragmatism and American philosophy.

"Stuhr's way of relating the American philosophical tradition to contemporary problems is genuinely enlightening. He contributes to the great revival of pragmatism by being one of its most sensible and sensitive interpreters." -- John Lachs, Vande...(Read More)
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