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Discourse and Democracy
Discourse and Democracy (October 2002)
Essays on Habermas's Between Facts and Norms
Rene von Schomberg - Editor
Kenneth Baynes - Editor

Examines issues in legal and democratic theory found in the work of Jürgen Habermas.  

Discourse and Democracy offers a variety of perspectives by an international group of scholars on Jürgen Habermas’s Between Facts and Norms. The collection presents not just a summary of Habermas’s own views, but locates him with respect to modern and contemporary moral, political, and legal ...(Read More)
Crisis Theory and World Order
Crisis Theory and World Order (September 2002)
Heideggerian Reflections
Norman K. Swazo - Author

Uses Heidegger’s philosophy to critique and remedy “world order thinking” in international politics.

In a call to planetary thinking, planetary building, and planetary dwelling, Norman K. Swazo discusses Heidegger’s thought as it relates to issues of global politics, specifically, the domain of world order studies. In the first division of the book, Swazo provides a theoretical critique of world or...(Read More)
Leo Strauss
Leo Strauss (June 2002)
The Early Writings (1921-1932)
Leo Strauss - Author
Michael Zank - Editor/translator

Presents the early published writings of the distinguished political philosopher Leo Strauss, available here for the first time in English.

This translation of eighteen virtually unknown early publications provides access for the first time to the origins of Leo Strauss's thought in the intellectual life of the German Jewish 'renaissance' in the 1920s. Themes range from the Enlightenment critique of the...(Read More)
Justice for All
Justice for All (January 2002)
Issues in Political Philosophy
Steven Scalet - Editor

Collection of essays adapted from an undergraduate honors conference held at Binghamton University which address contemporary issues in political philosophy.

This book is a collection of six essays adapted from an undergraduate honors conference held at Binghamton University, spring 2002. Each essay addresses a contemporary issue in political philosophy. The essays originated as Honors Projects administered throu...(Read More)
Revaluing Ethics
Revaluing Ethics (November 2001)
Aristotle's Dialectical Pedagogy
Thomas W. Smith - Author

Challenges influential interpretations of Aristotelian ethical and political philosophy.

Revaluing Ethics
criticizes the notion that the Nicomachean Ethics is a moral textbook written for an indeterminate audience. Rather, Smith argues that the Ethics is a pedagogy and so must be read in light of the demands imposed by teaching and learning about politics in a tradition. Smith claims that the Ethics initially seeks c...(Read More)
The Politics of Ideas
The Politics of Ideas (August 2001)
Intellectual Challenges Facing the American Political Parties
John Kenneth White - Editor
John C. Green - Editor

Essays on the need for a more dynamic public philosophy in American politics.

This collection addresses the importance of ideas, and ideas of importance, to American politics at the beginning of a new century. On the one hand, the contributors find a distressing absence of ideas in American politics and a parallel rise of the power of political identities, interests, and other detrimental influences. On the other hand, m...(Read More)
Liberty, Rationality, and Agency in Hobbes's Leviathan
Liberty, Rationality, and Agency in Hobbes's Leviathan (July 2001)
David van Mill - Author

A new interpretation of the theory of Hobbes.

Marking a significant departure from most scholarship on Hobbes, this book offers new interpretations of his theories of freedom, agency, rationality, morality, psychology, and politics. Hobbes's arguments concerning many different aspects of civil society and human psychology are brought together to provide a comprehensive theory of agency. Hobbes's theory of fr...(Read More)
The Limits of Doubt
The Limits of Doubt (July 2001)
The Moral and Political Implications of Skepticism
Petr Lom - Author

Shows how different forms of skepticism can lead to remarkably different moral and political implications.

The Limits of Doubt
studies the skepticism of Nietzsche, Sextus Empiricus, Hobbes, Diderot, and Montaigne in order to illustrate how different forms of skepticism can produce remarkably different implications. These include toleration; chastening of character; the prohibition of cruelty; indifference; corrosiven...(Read More)
Global Limits
Global Limits (May 2001)
Immanuel Kant, International Relations, and Critique of World Politics
Mark F. N. Franke - Author

Explores the limits of Kantian approaches to the study of international affairs.

Global Limits challenges both the current proliferation of Kantian readings of international affairs and the theoretical foundation Kant is presumed to provide the discipline. By thoroughly examining Kant's writings on politics, history, and ethics within the context of his larger philosophical project, Franke demonstrates that Kant...(Read More)
Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism
Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism (March 2001)
Studies in Hegel's Philosophy of Right
Robert R. Williams - Editor

Reflects new advances in Hegel scholarship and demonstrates the contemporary relevance of the Philosophy of Right.
Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism is the first collection of essays treating Hegel's social and political philosophy to appear since 1984. Several new books have since been published transcribing Hegel's lectures on the Philosophy of Right. This book reflects these advances in Hegel scholarship and debunks ...(Read More)
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